F1 2009

Codemasters: Online multiplayer is “absolutely why” people buy 360 and PS3

F1 2009 producer, James Wakelam, has said that online multiplayer is “abosolutely why” people purchase 360 and PS3 over other consoles, and why Codemasters decided not to include online multiplayer in F1 2009 on Wii.“We decided not to introduce any online components for these two platforms. We wanted to focus on what we thought were […]

11 years ago

F1 2009 headlines

  • F1 2009 video shows Abu Dhabi

    Codemasters has released a F1 2009 gameplay trailer, showing the final circuit of the 2009 season and the most recent addition to the Formula One calendar, Abu Dhabi.It shows BBC Five Live commentators David Croft and Anthony Davidson, who was of course a former F1 driver with Super Aguri, playing the game.Find it after the […]

    11 years ago
  • F1 2009 video shows two men acting like kids

    A new video for F1 2009 has been released, showing two pals on a couch playing the game.Codemasters says that the title will be released for Wii and PSP on November 20.The video and some pics are over on CVG.For reference purposes only, F1 2010 for PS3 and 360 will be out early next year.

    11 years ago
  • F1 2009 dated for November, new gameplay released

    Codemasters announced today that it is releasing F1 2009 for the Wii and PSP for November 20.To celebrate, Codies also released new gameplay footage from the Wii version of the Japanese Grand Prix, which takes place at Suzuka this weekend.Catch the press release after the jump, as well as gameplay footage from The Lost Gamer.Anybody […]

    11 years ago
  • F1 2010 gets concept art

    A couple of pieces of what looks to be concept are for Codemaster’s F1 series have eeked out courtesy of Famistu, reports CVG.This is the first piece of media released since exec producer Gavin Raeburn said that F1 2010 “the best F1 game ever” and “literally nothing less will do. “F1 games haven’t set the […]

    12 years ago