PS4 could come bundled with a “Dual Camera” PlayStation Eye – rumor

PS4 could be bundled with new PlayStation Eye, which VGLeaks notes is called a “Dual Camera”.

8 years ago

Eyetoy headlines

  • EyeToy Kama Sutra once pitched to Sony

    SCE producer Pete Smith has told Eurogamer that a company once pitched using the EyeToy to create a Kama Sutra-type application. “Seriously, this was a genuine pitch,” he said. “Obviously we didn’t sign it and it never ever saw the light of day. But we were going, how exactly would we QA it? You can […]

    9 years ago
  • Sony Motion Controller: Handheld controls greatly increase precision

    PS3 special projects manager Dr. Richard Marks has been talking up Sony’s new motion controller to PC World.While the company has yet to make an official announcement for the peripheral, Marks did provide information as to why it’s important that you hold something in your hand.“We learned that while people definitely enjoy physical interaction and […]

    11 years ago
  • EyeToy devs question rival casual titles

    Speaking to GI, Sony’s EyeToy devs have questioned the viability of its rivals’ casual titles – including Microsoft’s You’re in the Movies – and casted doubt as to whether the Wii controller is being used to its full potential.“I think that [with You’re In the Movies] they’re probably going to have some technical difficulties to […]

    12 years ago
  • Sony working with Indian devs on PS2 games

    According to this Rediff story, Sony’s signed deals with 13 developers in India in an effort to produce local PS2 software for both the Indian market and abroad.In an effort to accelerate the growth of its popular gaming console Playstation 2 in India, Sony Computer Entertainment has tied up with 13 Indian game developers to […]

    13 years ago
  • That was the news – Week 8, 2008: Unconvincing GDC governed by two main themes: flux and fear

    Last week’s GDC was a strange affair that threw up more questions than answers. While it carried the predicted unveiling of Gears of War 2 and a Microsoft keynote holding traditional big hitters such as Fable 2 and Ninja Gaiden II, the event’s main speech’s message was by no means “the norm”. Yes, the blood, […]

    13 years ago