Metro Exodus has popped onto Windows Store

Metro Exodus has choo-choo-chosen to launch on the Windows store next week.

2 years ago

Exclusivity headlines

  • FF Versus XIII PS3 exclusivity questioned again after job ad

    The PS3 exclusive status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is under siege once more after Square Enix listed a job vacancy for a “Battle Planner”. According to Google’s ropy translation, the listed job criteria includes development experience with PS3 and/or Xbox 360.

    10 years ago
  • Rein: Epic "owns" Gears IP, "can do what we want with it"

    Epic’s Mark Rein has said that the developer owns the Gears of War IP, and can do with it what it pleases.

    11 years ago
  • Greenberg: 360 "offers more exclusives" than PS3

    Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has hit back at recent comments made by Sony on exclusive 3rd-party deals made by the Seattle firm for 360 the only way it can: by saying it “offers more exclusives than” the black behemoth.Shit + fan?

    11 years ago
  • Pachter believes Epic "regrets" exclusivity deal with Microsoft

    Michael Pachter has voiced the belief that Epic Games “regrets” signing an exclusivity deal with Microsoft on the Gears of War franchise.

    11 years ago
  • 360 exclusivity has "helped" Gears of War, says dev boss

    Both having Microsoft as a publisher and concentrating on 360 as a single format has aided the Gears of War IP, executive producer Rod Fergusson has told VG247.“Yeah,” said the developer when asked if keeping the franchise exclusive to 360 had been a benefit.“Microsoft is just an awesome publisher. They’re a great partner for us. […]

    12 years ago
  • Sony: Microsoft "writes cheques" for games thanks to first-party line-up insecurity

    SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has told VG247 that Microsoft’s apparent need to pay for exclusivity on certain products – such as the Lost and Damned – is borne from a self-perceived lack of strength in its first-party line-up.“Microsoft has had a much more lenient policy to writing cheques than we do,” he said.“We […]

    12 years ago
  • Publisher console exclusives are "less important," says MS Germany man

    Speaking to Golem.de, Microsoft Germany product manager Boris Schneider-Johne has mirrored the opinion of SCEE president David Reeves in saying that console exclusives from publishers are becoming a thing of the past.“Given the production costs of the games, it is hardly possible for developers to commit itself exclusively to someone,2 he said.“Now Sony makes its […]

    12 years ago