Excitebike World Rally

Excitebike: World Rally gets playtested, shotalised

IGN’s posted an Excitebike: World Rally playtest, as well as some proper shots.According to author Craig Harris: “I’ve been playing the game for nearly two weeks now — Excitebike is one of my top NES games and I’m totally jazzed to see the game make a return in an updated design. Monster Games’s recreation doesn’t […]

11 years ago

Excitebike World Rally headlines

  • Excitebike World Rally for WiiWare - first video

    What’s that? A new Excitebike for WiiWare? It’s so true. As true as the fact we’re sitting in an airport waiting to fly to Leeds for the EG Expo. It’s that true.You probably want to watch it in action. Hit the link. It’s out on November 9, amazingly.Thanks, Destructoid.

    11 years ago