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EU News Wrap, September 23 – What happened today

The European week draws to a close with a relatively busy news day punctuated by tons of Forza 4 information, L.A. Noire Complete leaks, unique takes on Tetris and a hilarious trailer for a Kinect swimming game. As you do.

9 years ago

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  • EU News Wrap, September 22 - What happened today

    Johnny’s off gallivanting around the wonders of the Eurogamer Expo, which had its first day open to the press today. He and Pat will be a pair of busy bees getting coverage from the show ready for you – but in the meantime let me get you caught up on what happened today in the […]

    9 years ago
  • EU News Wrap, September 12 - What happened today

    Today was literally as quiet as quiet can be. Unless you include the wind outside my window, in which case, no it wasn’t. Here’s some Daft Punk.

    9 years ago