Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes Of Lagaard

Etrian Odyssey Trilogy being reissued by Atlus per Canadian retailer

Atlus is offering reissues of the first three Etrian Odyssey titles in Canada, according to a pre-order ad from Canadian retailer Video Games Plus. The Nintendo DS games Etrian Odyssey, Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard and Etrian Odyssey 3: The Drowned City are up for $29.99 each, and customers can a create bundle out […]

8 years ago

Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes Of Lagaard headlines

  • Etrian Odyssey sequel for June 17 release

    Atlus US has announced that Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard will be released for DS on June 17. Atlus describes Etrian Odyssey as “one of the genre’s purest experiences” and promises that Heroes of Lagaard will improve almost every area of the game with diverse areas to explore, new character classes, more fiendish FOEs, […]

    13 years ago