Episode 2

New Monkey Island ep out August 20

The second Tales of Monkey Island episode is called Siege of Spinner Cay, and will release on August 20, Talltale’s confirmed.There’s a background movie on Telltale’s blog. Beware the spoilers though, cap’n.

11 years ago

Episode 2 headlines

  • Penny Arcade Ep 2 hits 360

    Nelson brings word that the second episode of the Penny Arcade game is now available on Live Arcade.It’ll cost you 1200 MS Points. Blurb:[ESRB: M (MATURE) MATURE HUMOR, BLOOD AND GORE, VIOLENCE, STRONG LANGUAGE] Single Player, HD (High Definition). Game is in English only. Want more crazy dialogue and outrageous enemies? Upgrade to the full […]

    12 years ago

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