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  • Wii hits 7 million in Japan

    Kotaku’s reporting that Wii’s hit the 7 million mark in Japan. The target was reached in the period between December 2006 (launch) and November 23, according to Enterbrain. Sales of the machine are slowing. Wii hit 5 million sales in January this year, then 6 million in May. More through the link.

  • Xbox 360 outsold PS3 in September in Japan

    Enterbrain figures have shown this morning that Xbox 360 outsold PS3 in Japan in September. Microsoft sold 53,547 units of the 360 in the four weeks to September 28, compared with 33,071 units of the PS3. Wii sold more than both of them put together, obviously: the machine moved 109,548 units in the month.

  • Enterbrain publishes first-half sales figures for Japan

    Enterbrain’s published Japanese hardware and software sales figures for the first six month of the year, following news last night that the market has dropped back 21.3 percent in the period. Thanks, Kotaku. Hardware DS (DS and DS Lite) First half of the year: 1,314,919 Total units sold: 23,484,680 PSP First half of the year: […]

  • PSP lords over Japanese hardware sales for July

    Enterbrain’s reported Japanese hardware sales for July, and PSP’s still flying in the Far East with over 250,000 units sold. No Xbox 360 figures were released, unfortunately “not pretty” probably sums it up. Details below. PSP – 256,765 units DS – 217,639 units Wii – 171,851 units PS3 – 54,823 units

  • Famitsu boss: PS3's Japanese problems are being resolved

    Famitsu boss Hirokazu Hamamura has told MCV that he believes issues strangling PS3’s development in Japan are being eradicated, although a price cut is needed this year to boost sales. “The PS3’s penetration pace has been slower than I expected,” he said. “Its higher price tag and software development difficulties have been major causes for […]

  • PSP leads six monthly hardware figures in Japan

    According to this Mainichi report, Famitsu figures show that PSP is leading the way in terms of hardware sales in Japan so far this year, with 1,964,461 units sold from January to June. Wii is in second place so far with 1,720,263 units sold, with DS in third place at 1,593,844. No figures for PS3 […]

  • Wii sold 235k in Japan last month

    This Reuters article’s reported that Wii sold 235,990 units in Japan last month, while PS3 moved 139,494 machines. Figures for the other formats aren’t included, unfortunately, but these numbers have been issued by Enterbrain, so expect the lot either today or tomorrow.

  • Enterbrain: Bloomberg got it wrong on new DS at E3

    According to this IGN report, Enterbrain president Hirakazu Hamamura has issued a statement claiming he was misquoted by Bloomberg and never said that we can expect a new version of DS to premiere at E3 this year. From the piece: According to the Enterbrain statement, Hamamura did suggest that we continue to pay close attention […]

  • Enterbrain: Traditional Japanese games market will peak this year, but online with continue to grow

    According to this Japan Today report, Famitsu publisher Enterbrain has predicted that hardware and software sales in Japan will peak at 710.4 billion yen in 2008 and to fall to 671.1 billion yen in 2010. However, the market for online games is expected to continue growing and to reach 320.5 billion yen in 2010, bringing […]

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