No mainland European Kinect voice recognition till spring 2011

Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect voice recognition won’t be switched on for mainland Europe until spring 2011.

10 years ago

English headlines

  • International version of FFXIII could definitely be out by April 2010, says Square Enix

    But it might not even make that date.Why? Because – even though Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada said during a recent financial briefing that the game’s on track to complete its localization before the end of Square Enix’s current financial year – development’s not the only factor influencing the game’s release date. While he didn’t mention […]

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  • "Web 2.0" beats "noob" to millionth English word

    “Web 2.0” and not “noob” has been made the millionth official English word, as you can see from this Reuters report.Which is rubbish. Linguists have branded the announcement a publicity stunt.Really? Hit the link for more.

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