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Fractured Souls arrives on PC today despite “Greenlight limbo”

Fractured Souls hasn’t yet made it past the gatekeepers at Steam Greenlight, but the 3DS platformer is releasing on PC anyway. Developer Endgame Studios will release a DRM-free version on Desura, GOG and through a Humble Bundle checkout for $10, kicking off when February 25 hits the US. “We’re stuck in Greenlight limbo,” the team […]

7 years ago

Endgame Studios headlines

  • Fractured Soul lands on Steam Greenlight

    Endgame Studios has announced Fractured Soul has landed on Steam Greenlight. The PC version contains an easy mode, as well as features “designed to enhance the speedrunning aspect of the game.” The Greenlight video is below. Fractured Soul is currently available for 3DS via the eShop.

    8 years ago
  • DS platformer Fractured Soul lands US publisher

    Graffiti Entertainment is to release Endgame Studios’ DS platformer in ‘quarter 4 2011’.

    10 years ago