End Of Days

Wii parts firms crater as Nintendo cuts production

Companies involved in Wii manufacture are taking a financial hammering as global demand for the machine continues on its downward slope, Nikkei reports, with parts orders dropping 30 percent so far for the year ending March.Mitsumi Electric and Hosiden Corp, who both supply Wii bits to Nintendo, are now predicting a 50 percent decline in […]

11 years ago

End Of Days headlines

  • Up to 50% off all Woolworths stock today

    And that includes games, apparently. The UK retailer went into administration last week, and has now announced its “Biggest Ever Sale”.Administrator Deloitte told MCV in a statement:“We anticipate increased footfall in the stores and have hired additional staff to cope with increased demand. Additional goods have been moved to all stores and further stock will […]

    12 years ago
  • A PS3 consumes 500% more power than a medium-sized fridge

    Hilarious. According to this Intology report, running a PS3 for a year costs five times as much as running an average-sized fridge.Australian consumer group Choice found that a 12 cu. ft. volume fridge costs $50 to run for a year, while a PS3 costs $250 per year even if it’s just switched on and not […]

    13 years ago