Empire Total War Multiplayer Beta

Multiplayer Beta sign ups for Empire: Total War are GO!

Sign ups for the multiplayer Beta of Empire: Total War are now open for business.According to RPS, you can play the entire campaign with a pal, fight against the AI or go head to head with your soon-to-be ex-best friend. Huzzah!Head on over to the official site to throw your name in the hat.

11 years ago

Empire Total War Multiplayer Beta headlines

  • Empire: Total War multiplayer Beta begins December 7

    Empire: Total War will go into Open Beta on December 7 in order to test out the upcoming multiplayer campaign.That’s next Monday, so you may want to bookmark the sign-up page, as entrants will be taken soon.During the Beta, two players can play on the same campaign map either against or with each other.“After over […]

    11 years ago