Lewis: No, really – 360 leads PS3 in EMEA

And round and round we go. Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has told GI that 360 is well ahead of PS3 in EMEA.“If you look right across my area of responsibility, every data point that I’ve got, which I trust – and data points we’ve always used – put us approximately 1 million units ahead […]

12 years ago

Emea headlines

  • 360 at triple PS3 sales in the UK, marketing at "launch levels"

    Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has claimed that Xbox 360 is currently outselling PS3 at almost 3:1 in the UK, and that the machine’s current European marketing push is equalling that seen when it launched three years ago.“For us in EMEA, there’s a been a considerable uptick in what we’re spending in terms of media, […]

    12 years ago