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  • ELSPA "fully supports" Byron Report, but warns on online gaming

    ELSPA head Paul Jackson has said he welcomes the Byron Report in a just-issued statement, but has warned that the paper may not be complete enough to cover issues related to online gaming. “We fully support Dr Byron’s advice to parents on the use of technology in the home and parental awareness of their children’s […]

  • Win £1,000 for getting your friends arrested in 1989

    These are awesome. Suart Campbell’s posted up some anti-piracy ads from the 80s, revealing the lengths ELSPA used to stoop to to stop people putting Amiga games on floppy discs. It was all bobby’s on the beat and bags of chips as big as your head back then. See for yourself.

  • ELSPA DS piracy story "completely false"

    Whoops. The ELSPA story doing the round a few days ago concerning R4 carts and US DS piracy is, to be blunt, a load of old bollocks. The newspaper piece claimed that manager of ELSPA’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit, John Hillier, had said, “The implications are massive. In America it’s thought 90 percent of Nintendo […]

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