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Watch Gibson and Bramwell talk about Eurogamer at EG Expo

Didn’t attend the Eurogamer Expo? Didn’t catch the Q&A that Tom Bramwell and Ellie Gibson did in London? Dont worry, the site has you covered by giving you all 40 minutes of it.Oh, and there is the stark realisation that no one has a PSPgo. Oh dear.Find it through here.

11 years ago

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  • VG247 podcast #6 - Cryptic boss on Champions Online, Ellie Gibson on GamesCom

    Lots going on this week. The latest episode in our amazing podcast features Cryptic legend Jack Emmert on the imminent launch of anticipated MMO Champions Online, as well as EG.net dep ed Ellie Gibson talking to Steph and I about the mighty GamesCom.There’s mention of sausages and sex with aliens in there, as well. What […]

    11 years ago
  • GMA 2008 - Edge and Eurogamer take top honours for UK

    The 2008 Games Media Awards in London last night saw Edge take the gong for best UK mag and Eurogamer win for best British site last night, with Eurogamer’s Ellie Gibson and PC Gamer’s Tom Francis winning best online and print writers respectively.Full list of winners below. We live-blogged it as well, as you can […]

    12 years ago
  • The 10 most influential games journalists in Britain today

    Lists are brilliant. Channel 4 built a business out of them, so we’re not ashamed. Here are the ten most respected, influential games journalists working the UK trade today. These are the people PR want to kiss, the people you don’t leave alone in a room with your CEO, the people who’ll make you money […]

    13 years ago
  • Listen to OneLifeLeft with Ellie and Tom

    Eurogamer’s editor and deputy editor, Tom Bramwell and Ellie Gibson respectively, make an appearance on this week’s OneLifeLeft, Resonance FM’s London radio show. We’re saying this in all honestly: this is nowhere near as rubbish as it used to be. That’s supposed to be a compliment, Ste (Curran, the guy that makes it with another […]

    13 years ago