Eliot Spitzer

Prostitute-loving anti-game governor quits – hilarious movie

Here. Fair dos to him: he’s properly resigned, on TV, in front of loads of people, while his wife stands next to him looking as though she’s been eating concrete for a week. New York governor Eliot Spitzer is no more, having been caught earlier this week paying a gigantic amount of money to have […]

13 years ago

Eliot Spitzer headlines

  • Anti-GTA governor caught up prostitute "ring"

    New York Governor Eliot “Lick and” Spitzer has been caught allegedly spending $4,300 for a hooker to travel from New York to meet him in Washington for some wholesome family fun. Apparently, Spitzer was “Client 9” in a prostitution ring, a supposed fact that’s delighted the internet, especially considering he made some blatant anti-GTA comments […]

    13 years ago