Eight Days

Rumour: PS3 exclusive Eight Days gameplay footage leaked

A video has emerged on YouTube of what appears to be gameplay footage of SCE London’s canned PS3 exclusive Eight Days. The video states that the footage is “pre-production work-in-progress” and starts off in a level in the desert, showing off the game’s cover system at work. It also features gun fights and ends off […]

Eight Days headlines

  • Shelved PS3 exclusive Eight Days looked "jaw dropping", says developer

    Eight Days, the PlayStation 3 exclusive which was cancelled in 2008, would have been “jaw-dropping”, a developer who played a role in the project told Eurogamer.

  • SCEE: Eight Days and The Getaway 3 only "put aside"

    SCEE Studio London producer Nicolas Doucet has revealed in an interview with Gamekult that The Getaway 3 and Eight Days weren’t canned, but were in fact “put aside”. The assumption was that both games were swept under the rug for EyePet and were subsequently canned. However, that now doesn’t seem to be the case. “I […]

  • New Eight Days screens and videos surface

    Remember Eight Days? You know, the game that Sony showed at E3 2006, with a pre-rendered trailer that tried to fool us as a real-time gameplay trailer? Yeah, that Eight Days. It got canned, don’t you know. But now, all we have left is these leaked screens and videos which have come out. The screens […]

  • New Eight Days footage released

    Not content with releasing a video of the Eight Days cover system last September, Jim Jagger, animator on the now-canned game, has put out a reel of the game itself in action. After the break, naturally. Thanks, PSU. By Mike Bowden

  • Eight Days cover system shown in video

    After the break. Obviously, Eight Days was cancelled by Sony along with The Getway earlier this year, but this movie shows plenty of promise, even if it is only a look at cover animations. Why of why oh why, etc. Take a look. Update: Looks like the powers that be have pulled the video from […]

  • Actual fact: Eight Days and Getaway cancellation was a "global decision"

    Nice to have some solidity among the scuttlebutt. Following confirmation this morning that Michael Denny has been promoted to SVP, Worldwide Studios Europe, SCEE has confirmed that the decision to can London Studios games Eight Days and The Getaway came from the higher-ups. “It was a global decision,” said a rep when asked if Denny […]

  • SCEE cancels Eight Days and The Getaway (update)

    Update: SCEE’s just issued the following on this: “We’re not going to make any further comment over what’s been said in the statement. We believe it sums it all up.” Sony’s announced that development of Eight Days and The Getaway has been cancelled. “It has been agreed that production of both Eight Days and The […]

  • 8 Days "just ramping up to full production," says paper

    According to this Guardian piece, based on a visit to SCEE in London, Eight Days is only now hitting full production. Moving up from floor to floor, we see Eight Days – which is just ramping up to full production. To get an idea of the scale of development required on next-gen consoles, the team, […]

  • More Eight Days details, secret Sony game is Tears of Blood

    Sorry, we fucked this up. The game we were describing in this story was Eight Days, not the secret Sony game the BBC saw last week along with Motorstorm 2, which, according to this, is Tears of Blood. There’s plenty in that PS3Informer report on an Eight Days demo, which, as we said earlier, is […]