Edward Williams

Analyst: Profitability hasn’t grown for Western developers

At the Edinburgh Interactive Conference, BMO Capital Markets’ Edward Williams told attendees that the gaming market has suffered “significant disruption” to its business model.“For Western publishers, profitability hasn’t grown at all in the past few years and that’s before we take 2009 into account,” he said while stating that the opposite could be claimed from […]

11 years ago

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  • GTA IV as a system seller will favour PS3, says analysts

    Speaking in this Reuters report, analysts Michael Pachter and Edward Williams have both said that they expect GTA IV will help move more PS3 hardware than Xbox 360s.If sales come in at the high end of that range, the game will directly spur sales of 2 million additional PS3s in 2008, versus 1 million Xbox […]

    13 years ago