Echochrome gets PS Eye, Cloud support

Sony’s to add PlayStation Eye and Cloud saving support to the PS3 version of Echochrome, according to Siliconera. The game now allows players to use PS Eye to film themselves in-game. Replays with the picture-in-picture window can be saved to your hard drive or uploaded directly to YouTube. The update’s happening on Thursday in Japan. […]

Echochrome headlines

  • Echochrome gets Trophies, 1,000 user-created levels

    The PS Blog brings word that Escher-inspired PS3 puzzler Echochrome’s been patched to include Trophies. Hoopla. Better yet, 1,000 user-generated levels have also been added, meaning it now has enough content to keep you happy until you’re dead. Hit the link if you don’t believe us.

  • 2D Echochrome confirmed for PlayStation Home

    Speaking at Develop in Brighton this week, SCEJ’s Tatsuya Suzuki and JSPS’ Jun Fujiki confirmed that a 2D version of PSN puzzler Echochrome is to be released on Home. No date’s been given for the game’s release, but you can read more detail on Develop.

  • Sony announces $200 PSP bundle for US

    Update: Sorry, this was announced in the press conference last night. We missed it. The UMD is National Treasure 2. According to this Kotaku story, Sony’s announced a new $200 PSP bundle for the American market. The pack will include a silver PSP, Ratchet & Clank Size Matters, a UMD movie (title TBC), a voucher […]

  • Echochrome out in Europe next week

    Sony puzzler Echochrome will release in Europe next week, says this Eurogamer report. The Escher-inspired thingy will release on PSN next Thursday and on UMD the following day. It’s already out in Japan and the US, obviously.

  • User-created Echochrome levels live today

    According to this US PlayStation blog post, 20 user-created Echochrome levels are to be posted on to the American PSN over the next week. There are some pictures over there of what look to be mind-bending creations. We’re almost glad Europe still doesn’t have a release date for the game. Go see.

  • User-content planned for Echochrome

    Speaking in this this official US PLayStation blog post, Echochrome producer Kumi Yuasa has promised that user-created puzzles will be available to download for the puzzler, for free, on a regular basis. From Eurogamer: The developers will hand-pick each batch, and they will be playable for as long as it takes the team to select […]

  • US PSN update: Echochrome launch was no lie

    Here’s what the Americans got on PSN yesterday. It’s a damn sight better than the Euro version, but we’re not bitter. Much. Games and Demos Echochrome ($9.99) for PS3 Echochrome ($9.99) for PSP Dark Sector demo (free) Expansions and Add-ons Rock Band tracks ($1.99 each) – “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins, “Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly […]

  • Echochrome released today in the US

    According to the US PlayStation blog, Escher-inspired puzzler Echochrome is to be released for download for PS3 and PSP in the US today. No word on whether or not we’re going to be able to get this in Europe as well, but hope springs eternal. We’ll drop SCEE a line.

  • No Echochrome demo for Europe today

    According to this Eurogamer piece, there’ll be no Echochrome demo in Europe today. The US was confirmed as getting a taster today last night. That piece doesn’t claim to know when the demo’s going to be released in Europe, and the info apparently comes from a SCEE source.

  • Echochrome demo for US PSN today

    According to a squillion reports, an Echochrome demo is to release on the American PSN today. No idea if this is going to happen in Europe as well, but we’ll know soon enough. The puzzler’s dated for May.

  • Summer PSP games get dates

    According to this PocketGamer report, Sony’s pinned dates on a trio of its summer PSP releases. List below: Secret Agent Clank – June 25 Echochrome – June 6 ATV Offroad Fury Pro – June 18

  • Echochrome is PSN-exclusive in the US

    According to Newsweek, Japanese puzzler Echochrome will not be released on UMD in the US. “It will be coming to North America via the Playstation Network store only – i.e. not brick and mortar retail – with its own unique 56 levels,” it says here. Still no firm release date for either the US or […]

  • New PSN release dates look sensible

    According to this, the next big releases for PSN are being lined up as follows: PixelJunk Monsters: Encore – late April Echochrome – May Elefunk – May WipEout HD – May/June This list follows a leaked schedule earlier this month that pretty much tallies. Come on the WipEout.

  • Japanese Echochrome demo out now

    Says so here. You’ll need a Japanese PSN account to get it, however. There are two files on the service, apparently, one for PSP and one for PS3. The puzzler’s dated for summer in the US. There’s no schedule for a European release as yet.

  • GDC: Echochrome for summer in the US

    Here. Sony’s apparently confirmed a summer release for brain-twister Echochrome in America, but has said the PSP version is “up in the air” at the moment. We’ve got no release date on this for Europe right now.

  • GDC: New Echochrome trailer to dribble over

    Here. The Escher-inspired puzzler is releasing on PSP and PS3 later this year in Europe.

  • New Echochrome movie released

    Nice trailer below for Japanese puzzle Echochrome, which should explain exactly wat it’s all about so we don’t have to. As reported yesterday, there’s a difference in price between the PSP and PS3 versions in Japan, because the PSP game has twice as much content in it than the PS3 one. Like, dur. No European […]

  • PS3 Echochrome is half the price of PSP version: here's why

    The PSP version of Sony’s mind-bending puzzler Echochrome costs twice as much as the PS3 version in Japan, prompting the developer to explain that the PS3 version is merely a taste of the main event on PSP. According to this, the PSP game contains 100 puzzles over the PS3 version’s 50. So now you know. […]