Earth Defence Force 4

Earth Defence Force 2025 screens show hulking spiders and dragons

Earth Defence Force 2025 has received a big batch of screens, courtesy of Sandlot. Known as EDF 4 in Japan, the game hits PS3 and XBox 360 in February and features giant spiders and dragons that seem to be getting freakier by the instalment. Check them out here.

Earth Defence Force 4 headlines

  • Earth Defence Force 4 Japanese recruitment video is utterly bonkers

    Earth Defence Force 4 has received a mad Japanese trailer, which triples up as a recruitment video to the EDF, a gameplay trailer and something to laugh about on this dismal morning.

  • Earth Defence Force 2025 video features giant bugs

    Earth Defence Force 2025 – otherwise known as Earth Defence Force 4 – may have been moved to July, but you can still watch a lovely trailer for it full of giant bugs to squash. The game lands on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Japan July, and is without a western release date at present.

  • Earth Defence Force 2025 delayed to July

    Earth Defence Force 2025 – otherwise known as Earth Defence Force 4 – has a new July release date, according to Siliconera. The action effort had been expected in June, but has apparently been pushed back. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release is also headed west but has not yet been dated.

  • Earth Defence Force 2025 hitting Japan in June

    Earth Defence Force 2025 has been confirmed for a June release in Japan, under the name ‘Earth Defense Force 4’.

  • Earth Defence Force 4 screens show big insects, bigger weapons

    Earth Defence Force 4 sees our planet overrun by giant ants and spiders once again, but this time the humans have access to giant mecha suits, android and massive rocket launchers. It’s all brilliantly bizarre. Check out the new TGS shots below.

  • Earth Defence Force 4 set eight years after EDF3

    More detals of Earth Defence Force 4 have escaped Japan, as translated by Gematsu. Visit Famitsu to see a pile of accompanying screens which detail the Ranger and Wing Diver Classes, and show off a few enemies and bits of technology. EDF 4 will have support for large numbers of players in multiplayer battles, is […]

  • Earth Defence Force 4 takes the mass multiplayer route

    A few more slim details have emerged regarding Earth Defence Force 4, first teased back in July.

  • Earth Defense Force 4 announced via teaser site

    D3 has released a teaser website for Earth Defense Force 4, and while there isn’t much information posted on the site at present, just know it’s coming. Hopefully, platforms and regions other than Japan will be announced soon. Until then, you can always import Earth Defense Force 3 Portable for Vita this September after it […]