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EA Q1 financials – everything in one place

Did you miss it? Of course you did. You don’t have the stamina, the unswerving dedication to the news cause, that separates snivelling boys from towering men. Fortunately, we do. Which is why you’ll find all of the news from EA’s Q1 release below. EA slashes Q1 costs as losses widen EA Q1 financials – […]

Ea Q1 Financials 2010 headlines

  • EA Q1 earnings call - full audio

    Don’t like reading? Can’t read? We got your ass covered, hotshot. Below you’ll find a link to the full audio of last night’s EA Q1 investor call. Hit it, or download it, and listen to John Riccitiello and Peter Moore say things like “going forward”. A lot. You’ll hear a lot of yawning and typing. […]

  • Madden 10 pre-orders up on last year

    EA Sports boss Peter Moore said last night that pre-orders for Madden’s 2010 version were ahead of those the firm saw for the franchise in 2008. “We’re now marginally ahead year-on-year with about ten days to go,” said Moore, speaking in EA’s Q1 investor call. “Last year on this call we talked about pre-sales and […]

  • EA Q1 financials - full earnings call transcript

    Seeking Alpha’s posted the entire transcript of last night’s hour-long EA Q1 investor call. There’s some good stuff in there, newshounds. For all the major headlines from the call and all related figures, hit this.

  • EA: Madden Arcade coming just in time for the holidays

    Peter Moore announced during EA’s financial call today that an arcade version of Madden NFL will be released just in time for the holidays. Madden Arcade will be reminiscent of 3 on 3 NHL Arcade and is to be made available for PSN and XBL. Moore never said if the footballers will look like bobble […]

  • Riccitiello confirms ongoing Medal of Honor work

    EA boss John Riccitiello has made first official mention of ongoing work on Medal of Honor, speaking tonight in the company’s Q1 earnings call. “Somewhere out there is Medal of Honor,” said the exec. “We’re not yet in a position to discuss specific plans, but we will do so in due course.” As far as […]

  • Riccitiello: EA to support both Natal and PS3 motion tech, plans coming "early- to mid-2010"

    EA boss John Riccitiello said tonight that EA is “positive” on the opportunities afforded by both Natal and PS3’s upcoming motion controller, saying the company will support both and announce its plans for the new peripherals next year. “We’re really positive on both,” said the exec, speaking in the firm’s Q1 investor call. “Our view […]

  • EA Q1 financials: Sims 3 sells 3.7 million units

    The EA financial call is still ongoing and in it the company revealed that The Sims 3 has sold 3.7 million copies. Sims 3 was the top selling title in North America and Europe for the quarter, it was revealed. There’s loads of Sims fans out there, apparently. Full financials can been read here.

  • EA Sports Active Wii expansion delays 360 and PS3 Grand Slam Tennis

    Peter Moore confirmed an EA Sports Active expansion in EA’s Q1 investor call tonight. The add-on will release this holiday. Moore said “development resources” from the EA Sports tennis team were being used on the new fitness franchise, and as a result, the 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Slam Tennis have been delayed. EA […]

  • EA Q1 financials: EA Sports Active sells 1.8 million copies

    During EA’s Q1 conference call to investors it was revealed that EA Sports Active sold 1.8 million copies on Wii. John Riccitiello stated that the company is pleased with the quality of its games, and Sports Active has cemented EA as the third best-selling third-party publisher on Wii. Peter Moore is thrilled with the title, […]

  • EA slashes Q1 costs as losses widen

    EA has posted a $234 million loss for the first quarter, compared to a loss of $95 million for the prior year. Sales were down from $804 million last year to $644 million. Operational costs, though, were drastically reduced for the period, down to $25 million compared to $239 million a year ago. “Good execution […]

  • John and the boys deliver EA Q1 financials tonight

    News ghouls will need to be watching l’internet later tonight: EA reports its first quarter figures after market close in New York. If you want the details first hand, a conference call is scheduled for 2.00pm PST (877-627-6511 passcode 220497 or at http://investor.ea.com). That’s 10.00pm BST. The financials themselves should release just before then. Analysts […]