Ea Pc E3 2008

EA condenses E3 press conference into handy announcement

After the break. Just for ease. The Rage signing‘s the biggest thing in there, without doubt. Read all the rest of our coverage from the EA conference here.

Ea Pc E3 2008 headlines

  • Everything you missed from the Microsoft and EA E3 press conferences last night

    Update: You can get exhaustive news from the Sony and Nintendo conferences here. In case you’re some kind of oddball that doesn’t like spending evenings immersing yourself in the glory of videogaming news on the internet, he’s absolutely everything that happened in the Microsoft and EA press conferences at E3 last night. Don’t say we […]

  • First Sims 3 in-game footage published

    EA’s put out the first in-game footage of the Sims 3, as part of its E3 press conference last night. It’s on Shacknews. No other Sims 3 info doing the rounds this morning from what we can see, so this will have to do for now.

  • New Crysis Warhead shots posted

    On GamersHell. The screens were released as part of the EA E3 press conference lats night. Lots of shooting there. And a helicopter. What more could you want?

  • In-game Mirror's Edge trailer looks awesome

    After the break. This footage is all in-game and was released as part of EA’s E3 press conference yesterday. Go see.

  • New Left 4 Dead screens posted

    More from the EA E3 press conference last night, this time in the form of new Left 4 Dead shots. The Valve zombie shooter is now confirmed for a November 4 release. On GamersHell.

  • Dead Space boss fight movie posted

    As part of its E3 press conference, EA’s put out a new Dead Space trailer, showing a boss fight with some kind of mighty beastie, and millions of smaller beasties. Still high on our most-wanted.

  • Wright: "Spore fans 38% God"

    Speaking at the EA E3 press conference in LA yesterday, Will Wright came to the conclusion that Spore fans are “38% God.” As you can see from this Joystiq report, he has the figures to back it up. From the site: His basic argument goes like this: In the span of 18 days, Spore Creature […]

  • Pictures from the EA E3 press conference

    Kotaku’s put up a photo gallery from the EA press conference yesterday at E3. Shots there of Carmack, Rage, Will Wright, and so on. Take a look.

  • Left 4 Dead confirmed for November 4 release

    EA confirmed that Valve zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will release on November 4 this year, speaking at its E3 press conference last night. The game was previously tagged as a “November” game. Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 2 in the same week, eh?

  • Dragon Age confirmed for consoles

    EA confirmed that BioWare RPG Dragon Age: Origins will be released on consoles at its E3 press conference last night, according to this Shacknews report. No other details were given in terms of platforms and release date, although 360 and PS3 next year is probably a safe bet.

  • New Rage movie shown, looks amazing

    After the break. The id shooter was shown in the EA press conference at E3 yesterday. The movie’s off-screen but it’s good quality. Take a look.

  • EA to publish Rage for consoles, PC and Mac

    EA announced in its E3 press conference yesterday that it’s to publish id Software’s Rage. Further, the firm said the game was to release on Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as PC and Mac. “Rage represents a new direction for our games,” said Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software. “Rage is a shooter unlike […]