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  • SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow video shows off a MegaTower

    SimCity has a new intro video available for the upcoming Cities of Tomorrow expansion. The content update will include various futuristic transportation and technology options once the player has unlocked relevant research performed by The Academy. City builders will be able to make use of MagLevs, Garbage Atomizers, the Wave Generator and multi-zoned MegaTowers come […]

  • SimCityEDU headed to classrooms next month

    Glasslab has put together a special classroom edition of SimCity which ties in with a specially-designed curriculum.

  • Maxis's Lucy Bradshaw named EA senior vice president

    A new SEC filing has confirmed some details of EA’s recent executive reshuffle, and outed Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw’s new title. As reported by GameInformer, Bradshaw is now one of EA’s senior vice presidents. There has been no update on the new roles of other EA bosses.

  • SimCity: Cities of the Future expansion due in November

    SimCity will be getting a new expansion called Cities of the Future, which takes the player 50-75 years into the future. Players can add emergency service drones, megatowers, skybridges, and more to their cities. Also included is the megacorp feature which processes oil and ore into Omega, a substance which takes over your sims and […]

  • SimCity Red Cross Disaster Relief DLC available, proceeds to benefit the humanitarian organization

    SimCity has new DLC available for $9.99 with 80% of proceeds benefiting the Red Cross once the cost of development has been recouped. Called, the Red Cross Disaster Relief DLC, the content add a relief center which will provide tents and vehicles to your city when disaster hits it. A minimum of $100,000 will be […]

  • SimCity Mac installation issues apparently resolved

    A PR representative dropped us a line over the weekend to let us know that EA Maxis believes it has resolved installation issues with the OS-X version of SimCity. We haven’t tested it ourselves, and the FAQ on technical issues has not been updated. Everyone who owns SimCity on PC has free access to the […]

  • The Sims 4 models weight loss and gain, emotional reactions

    The latest Sims game will enable its virtual inhabitants to change their body shape through play, rather than just setting it during character creation and leaving it at that.

  • The Sims 4 gamescom 2013: series has been"reinvented" with emotional gameplay

    The Sims 4 was shown at gamescom with EA’s Rachel Franklin stating the series has been”reinvented” with emotional gameplay – exploring the gambit of human emotions with new creative tools and dynamic gameplay, which will “effect the mind, body and heart” of players’ sims with more meaning and making them more personal than ever before. […]

  • The Sims 4 first screens and details leaked - rumour

    Images and information purportedly detailing the next major instalment of The Sims have turned up online.

  • SimCity arrives on Mac at the end of the month

    EA dropped a brief line this morning to let us know that SimCity will hit Mac on August 29, or August 30 in Australia. The OS-X version won’t be coming to retail, and will be available exclusively through Origin. It has cross-platform play and cloud saves, which is nice for those of us with both […]

  • SimCity has moved over 2 million units since March

    SimCity sales have passed two million units since its release in March, and according to EA labels president Frank Gibeau, the company is “lucky” to have so many fans of the franchise who stuck around after such a “rough launch.”

  • SimCity leads leave Maxis to form Jellygrade Studio

    SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley has left Maxis along with lead architect Andrew Willmott and lead gameplay engineer Dan Moskowitz to set up a new studio called Jellygrade.

  • Darkspore reinstated on Steam

    Darkspore is once more available on Steam. The action RPG returned to Valve’s digital distribution service overnight. EA has not explained its temporary absence, which added fuel to speculation that support for the game had ended. EA has pish-poshed such talk, noting that Maxis recently corrected a nasty error.

  • Darkspore support has not ended - EA

    EA has confirmed that Darkspore is still being supported by Maxis.

  • Darkspore plagued by DRM errors, unavailable on Steam

    Amid widespread complaints of issues connecting to Darkspore, the EA Maxis title has been withdrawn from sale on Steam.

  • SimCity Mac release delayed into August, PC update inbound

    EA Maxis has pushed back the OS-X port of SimCity, saying it needs a little more time in the oven. Meanwhile, the PC version still seems to be in the mixing bowl, with the next update addressing a bunch of issues and features.

  • The Sims 3: Dragon Valley DLC out now

    The Sims 3 has gained a new piece of DLC called Dragon Valley, available via the in-game store. The $25 pack adds a new storyline about rival families and includes baby dragons as well as a slew of medieval-themed costumes and the like. Hmm. If you’re keen to recreate Game of Thrones – even after […]

  • SimCity patch to address traffic issues - again

    Maxis has prepared a slew of new SimCity fixes, once more hoping to correct the sandbox game’s transport woes.

  • SimCity server issues "inexcusable", says series creator

    Will Wright, the original creator of SimCity, is not at all impressed with the launch woes which plagued the most recent release, although he did have praise for the game itself.

  • SimCity to receive "additional fixes" post Update 2.0

    Maxis is in the process of fixing issues stemming from SimCity update 2.0 which upon applying, causes some cities to experience overflowing sewers, and other hilarious – though rage inducing- bugs which weren’t there before. The developer has listed several items it intends to fix in the coming weeks, such as a reducing the “need […]

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