Ea Full-year Financials 2008

EA: Two new online subs services this year

Missed this one. EA said in its full-year earnings call last night that its going to launch two new online subs services in the coming year. “On PC, our subscription revenue streams continue to grow with our Pogo and Warhammer businesses,” said CEO John Riccitiello. “We also plan to introduce two additional online subscription services […]

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  • EA full-year earnings call - the full transcript

    Seeking Alpha’s done its usual thang, posting the entire transcript from EA’s full-year and fourth quarter earnings call last night. Get all the news from it here. There were some choice quotes in that call, so if you were too busy last night watching Arsenal getting humiliated to listen to John and the gang wax […]

  • EA full-year financials - everything in one place

    What do you call a company that bins $1 billion in a year, trims its Q4 losses, takes 15 percent more revenue than the previous year and makes the entire thing genuinely sound good on the telephone? Electronic Arts! We love you, John. You’re the greatest. EA announced full-year figures last night while you were […]

  • EA released more PC games than anything else last year

    EA showed it released more games for PC than for any other platform last year, with 360 leading the company’s focus for console hardware. Releases for fiscal 2009, ending March this year: PC: 32 Xbox 360: 26 games PS3: 23 games DS: 22 Wii: 21 PS2: 14 games PSP: 8 Xbox: 1 Good for you, […]

  • EA: Mobile revenues rose 24% last year

    EA said in its full-year earnings yesterday that its mobile revenues rose 24 percent year-over-year in the period, up to $189 million. For the fiscal fourth quarter, EA Mobile recorded $48 million in revenues, up 14 percent over the previous year. The company said it plans to release 30 iPhone games in the coming year. […]

  • EA: The PC is "rapidly becoming the largest gaming platform in the world"

    EA CFO Eric Brown said in the publisher’s Q4 earnings call last night that PC is to become the dominant hardware in gaming. He said digital game distribution nearly doubled in revenue year-over-year to $80 million, while CEO John Riccitiello said digital revenue in total had risen to $400 in the last fiscal year. “This […]

  • EA's Wii revenue nearly doubles to 14% compared to last year

    EA released it’s fourth quarter and fiscal year 2009 earnings earlier and according to the report, 14 percent of it’s revenue came from Wii titles, compared to 8 percent the previous year. Twenty-one titles were released for Wii last year, and with PS3 games providing 16 percent of revenue and Xbox 360 generating 24 percent, […]

  • Riccitiello: Current hardware cycle to be "very extended"

    Speaking in a just-ended investor call, EA boss John Riccitiello has reiterated EA Sports president Peter Moore’s sentiments on the state of the hardware cycle last month, saying we’re nowhere near to seeing a full switch over in main platforms. “Big changes are not something we’re seeing the need for in the medium term, nor […]

  • Riccitiello - Negative comps to continue until June

    EA CEO John Riccitiello has predicted that negative comps for the industry will continue until June. The company boss said that retail was continuing to show wary behaviour to stocking games products, instead favouring other sectors. US games sales dropped 17 percent year-over-year in March, down to $1.43 billion from $1.72 billion in March 2008.

  • Warhammer Online ended March with 300,000 subs

    EA execs just confirmed in an investor conference call that Warhammer Online has 300,000 subscribers at the end of March 2009. The company reported an FY2009 loss of $1.08 billion earlier today. The MMO launched in September 2008.

  • EA to release 30 games on iPhone this year

    The EA financial call is ongoing and the firm has just said that 30 games will be released for iPhone this year. No titles were mentioned, a release window, or any other information was handed out. Sounds like EA likes the iPhone though. The company released it’s full earnings report earlier. More to come.

  • Spore sells 2 million copies

    Spore has sold more than 2 million units, EA just confirmed as part of its full-year financials. The Maxis game was tipped as a driver in a year that saw revenue grow 15 percent to to $4.2 billion. Spore has now seen more than 100 million creatures created for the game. While Maxis may be […]

  • FIFA 09, Madden NFL 09, Need for Speed Undercover each sell 5 million copies

    According to EA’s full-year ’09 financials – just released – FIFA 09, Madden NFL 09 and Need for Speed Undercover each sold over 5 million copies. Loads of sports and racing fans out there, apparently. The earnings call is set to go off any minute, and we are listening – so keep checking back for […]

  • EA loses over $1 billion in fiscal 2009, cuts Q4 loss

    EA’s reported a shell-shock $1.08 billion loss for the financial year ending March 2008. Revenue for the period was up to $4.2 billion, a 15 percent rise from the previous year’s $3.6 billion. “EA’s strong cost actions in Q4 FY09 together with our investments in our digital service businesses will set us up for a […]

  • EA loss expected for March quarter results, full-year figures tomorrow

    EA’s expected to announced a loss for its fourth fiscal quarter tomorrow, with a Reuters poll pointing to a 43 cents per share downside on sales of $631.9 million. “While the company may not deliver significant revenue upside compared to consensus, we think that prospects for very strong June results will embolden management to deliver […]