Ea Full Year Financials 08

Sebastian: Expect Take-Two buyout news on Monday

Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian just issued a note on last night’s EA financials saying that news on the company’s proposed buyout of Take-Two can be expected next Monday. “Expect update on TTWO bid by Monday morning,” he said. “We continue to believe that the current offer of $25.74 per share would be accretive to earnings […]

Ea Full Year Financials 08 headlines

  • EA financials: Majority of revenue came from PlayStation platforms in Q4

    According to this Kotaku report, EA made more money from PS3 than Xbox 360 in the quarter ending March 31, taking $152 million and $128 million on each platform respectively. More cash was take on PS2 than either of the next-gen platforms, however, with EA seeing PlayStation 2 revenue of $166 million for the quarter. […]

  • EA financials: Rock Band sold 1.5 million in Q4

    According to this Gamasutra report, EA confirmed last night that Rock Band sold more than 1.5 million units in the US in the fourth quarter of the company’s financial year, ending March 31. That’s a lot of people pretending to be Nine Inch Nails. Read the rest of our EA financial report coverage here.

  • EA financials: "Ship time will give before quality," says Riccitiello

    According to this Next-Gen piece, EA boss John Riccitiello said in last night’s investor call that EA games would slip from now on rather than being forced out of the door. “I would say without hesitation that our quality is going to be up this year versus the prior year. I would say without hesitation […]

  • EA financials: Publisher drops quarterly guidance

    According to this Kotaku report, EA said it will stop offering quarterly guidance from now on in a conference call that followed the release of full-year financials yesterday. Execs said the decision was to stop stock slumps based on short-term problems, such as delays. “The nature of our business is fairly variable quarter to quarter […]

  • EA financials: Casual and micro-transactions is "growth sector" for PC, says Riccitiello

    Speaking in a conference call following the release of full-year financials last night, EA boss John Riccitiello said that casual gaming and micro-transactions are the way forward for the firm’s PC business, and that without WoW and The Sims the PC market in general would be a bit… screwed. “Were it not for The Sims […]

  • EA financials: Madden 09 will have a "holographic interface", says Riccitiello

    Yeah, we think either something got a little lost in translation here or the pressure of trying to buy Take-Two’s finally got to EA boss John Riccitiello. According to this Kotaku piece, the exec said in last night’s full-year financials conference call that Madden 09 will have a “new holographic interface”. And here was us […]

  • EA financials: 15 double platinum titles for 2008

    EA’s has confirmed it had 15 double platinum titles in 2008 in its full year financials last night, and claimed it it still the biggest publisher in the world, according to this GI piece. The firm had 19 percent and 20 percent market share in North America and Europe respectively, the firm said. Additionally the […]

  • EA financials: Full year shows revenue increase but $454 million loss

    EA reported full-year financials last night, showing a $454 million loss for the 12 months ending March 31, compared to a like-for-like profit of $76 million. Revenues were up, however, to $3.67 billion, a rise of 19 per cent on the previous year. Q4 revenue saw a jump of 81 percent to $1.13 billion. “A […]

  • EA financials: Full earnings call transcript online now

    It’s on Seeking Alpha. The call included Tricia Gugler (Director, Investor Relations), John Riccitiello (CEO), Eric Brown (CFO), John Pleasants (COO and President – Global Publishing) and Frank Gibeau (President – EA Games Label). Enjoy. Read the rest of our EA Q4 financial report coverage here.