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Tony Hawk peripheral will be more about tricks than balance

Variety‘s rumoring that Activision’s now confirmed Q4 Hawk game will have a “skateboard” peripheral. Big shock there.A source has told the site that the peripheral will be more about “grabbing and manipulating the board to pull of all tricks” than for actual balancing.It’s expected to release on PS3 and 360. Apparently the Wii version will […]

12 years ago

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  • Kudo Tsunoda will oversee "MGS/Epic publishing relationship", says Rein

    Epic head Mark Rein has clarified the appointment of former EA Chicago boss Kudo Tsunoda to general manager of the Gears of War franchise at Microsoft saying, “Kudo will be the GM in charge of the studio that oversees MGS/Epic publishing relationship. Our previous GM is moving over to the studio that oversees the Halo […]

    13 years ago