Nordic removes GFWL and DX10 requirements from Red Faction: Guerrilla

Nordic Games has announced it’s removed the Games for Windows Live and DirectX 10 requirements from Red Faction: Guerrilla.

6 years ago

Dx10 headlines

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    Funcom’s put out episode four of Hyborian Insider, it’s movie update on Age of Conan, showing upcoming DX10 graphical features in the MMO as well as new high level content.Dynamic tree shadowing, improved parallax mapping, rippling grass, specular reflections, underwater God rays and tons more are shown off in the movie, which you can see […]

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    Funcom’s showing of upcoming DX10 features of Age of Conan at Games Convention, the company announced today, as well as offering up “thousands of exclusive giveaways, including free trial accounts and limited edition game DVDs” at the German show next week.Never-before-seen locations, content and features from the MMO are going to be on show in […]

    12 years ago