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  • StarCraft II has online verification, but Battle.net connection not necessary for single-play

    StarCraft II will require both an online verification check and a Battle.net account to play, Blizzard’s confirmed to VG247. “You need to connect once to install the game,” said lead game designer Dustin Browder, speaking at Blizzard’s HQ on a recent press trip. Offline single-play is allowed, however. “After that you don’t need to be […]

  • New Battle.net is "up in the air"

    From comments made to Shacknews by StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder, it sounds as though the next version of Battle.net isn’t exactly imminent. “I can’t tell you a whole lot because in reality, anything I say might be a lie,” said the developer. “We’re still working on it, and it’s kind of up in […]

  • Blizzard: Starcraft II to allow players "to get a lot closer to the gameplay experience"

    Blizzard’s Dustin Browder, lead game designer on Starcraft II, no less – has told Destructoid that the team wanted to create a much stronger, single-player experience that allows the player (that’s you) to “get a lot closer to the gameplay experience” than you did in the first game. You’re going to have to expand your […]

  • StarCraft II: "We're in the final stretch"

    StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder has given a clear indication that you’re going to be playing the strategy game sooner rather than later. “We don’t want to lie about the Beta, and we don’t even want to lie about the next Battle Report,” he said in response to an FAQ question about release timings. […]

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