DUST 514: Uprising

DUST 514 Uprising update 1.8 releases today

DUST 514 Uprising update 1.8 has been released, CCP announced today. The update adds a set of pistols, new SMG options, and buffs for Laser Rifles and Mass Drivers. There’s new new Heavy and Light dropsuits, cloaking equipment, weapon and dropsuit rebalancing and more. You can read the patch notes through the official website.

7 years ago

DUST 514: Uprising headlines

  • DUST 514: Update 1.5 - Uprising released for PS3

    DUST 514’s update 1.5, titled Uprising, has been released by CCP. Uprising 1.5 focuses on new and expanded Corporation Roles as well as a revised New Player Experience and the Squad Finder. New Corporation Roles have also be added so now corporation CEOs and directors can distribute specific roles to other members within the corporation […]

    7 years ago