Duncan Flett

Q-Games: “We don’t currently have anything for motion controls”

If you were hoping the next PixelJunk might take advantage of PS3’s wand controller – rumoured to be called Arc – it sounds as though you’re out of luck.

11 years ago

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  • "I’m not allergic to Xbox 360," says PixelJunk Shooter boss

    Q-Games’ oeuvre may be currently Xbox-phobic, but, if comments made by PixelJunk Shooter director Shouichi Tominaga are any indication, there’s hope for 360 titles from the Japanese developer yet.

    11 years ago
  • Q-Games casts PixelJunk Dungeons' future in doubt

    Q-Games has dropped a heavy hint that PixelJunk Dungeons may never see light of day as a standalone game, saying that the top-down dungeon crawler’s elements will show themselves in future PixelJunk projects.

    11 years ago
  • Q-Games on piracy, PixelJunk Dungeon and a mistrust of marketing

    Nathan: “Pat! I’m going to Japan!” Pat: “I’ll ask Dylan Cuthbert if you can pop along to Q’s offices in Kyoto and do an interview.” Nathan: “Awesome.”[10 minutes later]Pat: “It’s all good. He said yes.” Nathan: “I’m so, like, doing this thing. Hopefully I’ll get to speak to PixelJunk Shooter director Shouichi Tominaga, PixelJunk Monsters […]

    11 years ago