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DSi launches in Europe, DSi Store now live

DSi launched in Europe today, to a fairly muted fanfare. Just so you know, it is actually here.The new handheld adds a camera and fresh general design to the 100-million selling DS.Five DSiWare launch titles were confirmed yesterday, and the DSi Shop is now live in both the US and Europe.And that’s kind of it. […]

12 years ago

Dsi Shop headlines

  • Nintendo announces five DSiWare titles for DSi Shop

    DSi’s releasing in the West this week. To celebrate, Nintendo’s announced five DSi launch games you’ll be about to download from the DSi Shop.Here’s the list: Art Style: AQUIA – Colured-block puzzler. Bird & Beans – Bean-catching puzzler. Brain Age Express – Math: Number-based puzzler. Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face – Fiddle with photos. […]

    12 years ago
  • Brain Age titles are first downloadables for DSi

    According to this 1UP story, redesigned versions of Brain Age and Brain Age 2 will be the first downloadable games available for DSi via the DSi Shop. The news comes from this morning’s Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco. From the piece:Fils-Aime confirmed that after downloading a game for your DS from the Nintendo DSi […]

    12 years ago