Nintendo DSi LL sells more than 100,000 units in first two days

Apparently, a whole mess of people thought bigger screens and a fatter stylus were just the tweaks the DSi needed in order to attain portable perfection. Case in point: Japan. After a mere two days, the DSi LL has already done its uber-popular family of handhelds proud by selling 103,524 units, according to Enterbrain’s estimates.For […]

11 years ago

DSi LL headlines

  • DSi XL launching in US during Q1 2010

    Looks like the US will be getting the larger DSi come Q1 2010.It was announced earlier today that the bigger screened DSi XL would land in Europe during Q1 2010, and Japan on November 21 for ¥20,000 ($220).Still no price for UK or US. Hold tight though. It’s bound to come soon.Via Joystiq.

    11 years ago