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  • Cobalt DS confirmed for US in February

    So says this. A cobalt blue DS will hit America on February 10, according to ad materials from Gamestop. At the moment, Amazon UK’s only listing white, black and pink machines for sale and there hasn’t been a sniff of anything else, so Euros will probably have to import, should they just have to buy […]

  • Let's Yoga and Let's Pilates rumoured for US DS

    This says Let’s Yoga (Doko Demo Yoga in Japan) and Let’s Pilates are strong contenders for US launch on May 1. Let’s Yoga has already shipped in Europe, so the news comes as no giant surprise. Expect to see a glut of fitness-related Nintendo products hitting this year and Wii Fit does the rounds in […]

  • Nintendo shares drop 10 percent

    That strengthy yen’s starting to have real impact, reuters reports, kicking Nintendo’s shares down 10 percent today, despite massive earnings in the past 12 months and gleeful prospects for Wii and DS in the coming fiscal year. Institutional investors cashing in chips in the face of the rising Japanese currency is to blame for the […]

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