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  • Ubisoft announces EG Expo line-up

    Ubisoft has announced the titles it will be bringing to the Eurogamer Expo. Games on hand will be: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Driver: San Francisco, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Rayman Origins, World Rally, and Just Dance Kinect. EG Expo takes place September 22 – 25 at Earl’s Court and 30,000 bodies are expected to attend the […]

  • Driver: San Francisco videos explain shift mode

    Ubisoft has released a new Driver: San Francisco developer video which explains the game’s shift mode, which gives players the ability to switch between cars. Then, there’s another video posted below, courtesy of GameFront, which shows how shift can be used in multiplayer. Driver is out September 1 in Europe, September 2 in the UK, […]

  • Ubisoft always on DRM not required for From Dust's single-player

    Hot on the heels of Driver: San Francisco’s high speed collision with horrible, willfully ignorant inconvenience, it seemed From Dust may have been headed down a similar “always online” path. However, Ubisoft has confirmed to VG247 this is not entirely the case.

  • Driver: San Francisco PC requires constant internet connection

    Want to play the PC version of Ubisoft’s upcoming title Driver: San Francisco? You’ll need to be permanently plugged into the grid to do so.

  • Get your shift together - Driver multiplayer hands-on

    In a little over a month’s time Ubisoft is hoping to restore the Driver brand to its former glory. VG247 spends time with the multiplayer and Martin Edmonson to see how it’s ticking over.

  • Driver dev diary details "game-changing" Shift

    Ubi’s stuck up a new dev diary for Driver: San Francisco, explaining the game’s Shift feature, which allows the player to take control of any vehicle he or she sees fit. You may think it’s mental, but it’s all down to a coma. Check it out below, and read more details on it in this […]

  • Driver San Francisco's multiplayer is "chaotic", "Matrix"-like

    Driver: San Francisco’s key feature – shifting from one car to another – has had some interesting implications for the game’s multiplayer.

  • UPlay Passport to cost £8, 800 MS points in UK

    Ubisoft announced this morning that Uplay Passport will cost £7.99 or 800 MS points for those who’ve bought a second-hand Ubisoft game and want to access online components. The scheme will be free for those who bought titles first-hand from the publisher. Announced last week, it’ll begin rolling out with Driver: San Francisco in September.

  • Ubisoft announces Uplay Passport online initiative

    Ubisoft has announced Uplay Passport, which it said will offer “access to online features and exclusive content” for the firm’s various titles.

  • Report - Ubisoft to introduce Uplay Passport with Driver

    Ubisoft will implement its own version of the online pass system when Driver: San Francisco is released called Uplay Passport, according to a report on Gamerzines.

  • Single-player for Driver: San Francisco trailered

    Ubisoft has released a trailer for Driver: San Francisco, which focuses on the single-player aspect of the game. You can watch it below, courtesy of Gematsu. Driver is due on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the end of August.

  • Driver: San Francisco trailer introduces some sweet rides

    Probably there is a plot and characters and such in Driver: San Franciso, but mainly I’m interested in driving around too quickly. Who isn’t? This latest trailer introduces the game’s most important personalities – the cars. Check it out through the break. Driver: San Francisco is due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the […]

  • Splinter Cell Collection gets pushed out to September

    Having been due for just this summer, Ubisoft’s confirmed that the Splinter Cell HD Collection has been delayed until September.

  • Another Driver: San Fran special edition spotted at GAME

    Gamerzines has spotted another special edition of Driver: San Francisco, making it three editions now for the Reflections action title. Alongside the standard and limited editions, the special edition will include in-game bonuses such as the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 in multiplayer and a taxi single-player challenge. It’ll apparently cost the same price as the […]

  • First Driver: San Francisco dev diary details return of Tanner

    GT’s released the first dev diary for Driver: San Francisco. The video shows key members of the Ubi Reflections dev team, including the Edmondson brothers Martin and Gareth, talking about the return of classic characters like Tanner and Jericho, as well as welcoming back San Francisco from Driver 1. Watch it after the break. Driver: […]

  • Driver: San Francisco trailer ignores speed limits, rules

    Ubisoft’s released a brand new trailer for Driver: San Francisco, showing Tanner on the hunt for Jericho. Basically, he’s going to break every speed limit and rule to get him, as you’ll see in the trailer below. Driver: San Francisco launches on August 30 in the US and September 2 for PS3, 360 and PC. […]

  • Driver: San Francisco Collector's Edition shown off in new video

    Ubisoft has already announced that a Collector’e Edition of Drive: San Fransisco will be released, but just to tease you a bit on it, a video featuring all the goodies packed it has been released. It contains a replica of the Dodge Challeneger, DLC with four single-player challenges and three cars for multiplayer, and a limited edition […]

  • Reflections: Driver: San Francisco "only a reboot" in technology terms

    Driver: San Francisco creative director Martin Edmondson that the game is a reboot, but not for the series.

  • Bringing back Driver wasn't a safe bet, says Edmondson

    Driver: San Francisco creative director Martin Edmondson has said that bringing back the series wasn’t quite a 100 percent certainty at first.

  • Driver: San Francisco dated for September 2 in UK

    Ubisoft’s confirmed that Driver: San Francisco will launch in the UK on September 2.

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