How to Train Your Dragon 2 games coming from Little Orbit

How to Train Your Dragon 2 will spawn 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games during northern summer, courtesy of Little Orbit. See a few screenshots below.

6 years ago

Dreamworks headlines

  • Need for Speed movie had a $66 million production budget

    Here’s an interesting little tidbit for those interested in the world of Hollywood video game adaptations: according to the Wall Street Journal, the Need for Speed movie cost $66 million to make. It’s the most expensive project Dreamworks has ever produced, despite appearing pretty modest next to the $200 million budget of competing action blockbusters. […]

    6 years ago
  • Need for Speed film to co-star Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots - report

    The Need for Speed movie may co-star Captain America’s Dominic Cooper, according to a piece on Variety which states the actor is in negotiations for the film.

    8 years ago
  • Need for Speed film to release during 2014 from DreamWorks

    DreamWorks has acquired the film rights to EA’s Need for Speed and the firm plans to release it during 2014. EA will produce the film with John Gatins and Mark Sourianmad Act of Valor’s Scott Waugh will direct it. Production will start next year.

    8 years ago
  • D3Publisher takes over development for THQ on DreamWorks titles

    D3Publisher has announced an agreement with DreamWorks Animation which will see the firm taking over development of studio’s next three films: Madagascar 3, The Croods, and Rise of the Guardians. Previously, THQ was on board to develop, but announced last week it was leaving the kids’ licensed business. The first title to be released, Madagascar […]

    8 years ago
  • Report - Halo movie planned for 2012, Spielberg involved

    A Halo movie with the involvement of Steven Spielberg is set for a release in 2012, according to a French press kit for the latest Halo book, Cryptum,

    9 years ago
  • Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg joins Zynga's board of directors

    One of Hollywood’s most well known movie producers is now joining the game publisher that’s pretty successful on its own with mainstream audiences. Zynga announced today that Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of Dreamworks Animation, has joined Zynga’s board of directors.

    9 years ago
  • DreamWorks negotiating new videogame licensing deal

    DreamWorks has began negotiations for a new videogame licensing deal which will last until 2011.The news was revealed during a conference call after the company’s Q2 financial metting by CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.DreamWork’s deal with Activision expires next summer, and it has a contract with THQ to make a single game, which is based on next […]

    11 years ago