Dream Of Mirror Online

Weekly MMO news round-up: Shadowbane gets a reprieve, AoC goes lvl 50, Twitter comes to PlayXpert

Welcome once again to your weekly MMO news round-up.Loads going as usual what with PlayXpert releasing a new Widget for online games, Conan players getting to go to level 50, and Shadowbane getting a small reprieve from the death ax.Wanna know the rest? Of course you do, and it’s all after the break.

12 years ago

Dream Of Mirror Online headlines

  • Dream of Mirror Online to allow same-sex marriages

    Aeria Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO Dream of Mirror Online will give players the option to marry, no matter if couples are the same sex.Virtual wedding bands are available in the game, purchased via micro-transactions.More on GamePolitics.

    12 years ago