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  • Square "considering" DQIX release overseas

    Square’s “considering” releasing Dragon Quest IX outside Japan, according to Siliconera. Amazing! Sort of. It’s not going to happen until 2010 at the earliest, apparently. Company boss Yoichi Wada said so in a Q&A last week. The DS RPG’s now shipped more than 3.5 million units in Japan. Which kind of means it might be […]

  • Dragon Quest IX ships more that 3.5 million units

    Famitu’s reporting that Dragon Quest IX has now shipped more than 3.5 million units. The DS RPG went on sale in Japan on July 14. It’s slated to release in the West in the 29th Century. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Dragon Quest IX sales climb to 3.2 million

    Dragon Quest selling well in Japan? Naaaah. But somehow, that’s just what it’s doing. According to Famitsu (via andriasang), the latest installment in the ultra popular franchise continues its rampage around Japan, surely giving Godzilla a gray hair or two in the process. The game has, as of July 26, sold a total of 3,217,502 […]

  • Dragon Quest IX music composer gets angry when games are pirated

    The music composer for Dragon Quest IX, Koichi Sugiyama, has told Famitsu that stealing games is the same as breaking and entering. “The way I see it, it’s like selling a set of thieves’ tools,” he told the mag. “If you make off with a physical item, everybody knows that’s a crime. If you stole […]

  • Wada: We're expecting Dragon Quest to ship more than 5 million copies

    Dragon Quest IX has already gone mental in the Japanese software charts, but Square Enix wants more, much more. Company president Yoichi Wada has told the Japanese press that, “We’re look at reaching over 5 million copies of Dragon Quest IX shipped.” Wada went on to say that he hopes the Japanese gaming industry will […]

  • Rumor: Dragon Quest IX bonus content coming with DLC every week

    Rumors floating about over on NeoGAF state that Square Enix will be supporting Dragon Quest IX by releasing extra goodies via the downloadable content every week for the next year. These rumored additions include 25 treasure map bosses, 12 of which are old DQ bosses: all of these bosses start at lv1, and level up […]

  • Watch mental Japanese people go mental for Dragon Quest IX

    We dread to think what it’ll be like now for Final Fantasy XIII after seeing this. After the jump is a video of the Dragon Quest IX launch in Shibuya, Tokyo. Honestly, its balls-to-the-walls mental. The game sold over 2.3 million units in it’s first weekend at retail, although user opinion for the game hasn’t […]

  • Dragon Quest IX sells 2.3 million in first two days

    Famitsu is reporting that Dragon Quest IX has sold over 2.3 million units in its first two days on sale in Japan. The game released over the weekend. Pre-orders for the hugely anticipated DS RPG had topped 2 million. The title appears to have beaten the launch of its predecessor: Dragon Quest VIII sold 2,237,000 […]

  • Japanese Amazon reviewers don't like DQIX

    Dragon Quest IX shipped in Japan over the weekend. The kids aren’t happy, if this set of Amazon review scores is anything to go by. 5 stars (67 stars) 4 stars (57) 3 stars (70) 2 stars (86) 1 star (223) There’s no pleasing some folk. More on Kotaku.

  • Dragon Quest IX storyline had to be cut to save space

    Dragon Quest IX designer Yuji Horii has said that the hardest part of developing the title was when he had to cut part of the story. “When I had to cut and rework part of the story, not a large part compared to the rest of the plot, but one that had to be cut […]

  • Dragon Quest IX pre-orders top 2 million

    According to Inside-Games, Japanese Dragon Quest IX pre-orders have now exceeded 2 million units. The game goes on sale in Japan later this week, with all indications pointing to the Square Enix RPG becoming one of DS’s lifetime bestsellers. Via Andriasang and GoNintendo.

  • Dragon Quest creator expects DQIX to outsell DQVIII

    The Japanese population’s conquest of the videogame industry may have slowed as of late, but that hasn’t stopped Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii from believing the latest entry in his diabolically popular series will outdo its predecessor. “With the spread of cell phones and the internet, there are fewer people who spend their free […]

  • Dragon Quest IX will be "hard"

    ragon Quest IX isn’t going to be some pansy-assed DS RPG. No sir. It’s for the hardcore. “We make the game to be quite hard,” series creator Yuji Horii told Touch-DS. “It’s harder than any of the previous titles, and the enemies are also powerful… We strengthened the bosses, stuff like that.” It’s out in […]

  • Dragon Quest IX multiplayer video shows Wi-Fi functionality

    A video showing local multiplayer for Dragon Quest IX is posted after the break. Each player is in control over their own character, and you can run around all over the place with or without your fellow adventurers. If you find yourself fighting something solo that you ran into while straying too far from the […]

  • Dragon Quest IX doesn't have Wi-Fi co-op

    You may have been holding out for news that Dragon Quest IX has Wi-Fi co-op. You can stop. It doesn’t. “From the beginning of development, co-op play hasn’t been via Wi-Fi, but rather DS wireless play,” said a Square Enix Japan rep. Sorted? Good. The game ships in Japan on July 11. From IT Media, […]

  • Dragon Quest IX - 7 minutes of video

    After the break. The DS RPG’s long-awaited Japanese version releases in Japan next month, an event likely to close all school and grind the country’s economy to a halt. Little men on little screens for the win. No date for a western ship yet.

  • Dragon Quest IX - new shots

    EG.pt’s put up some new Dragon Quest IX shots. The RPG’s looking very cute, and contains large hats, which is pretty much all you can ask for. Square delayed the game recently, pushing it back from March 28 to July 11. You may see it in the West before you die.

  • Square - DQIX delay may push FFXIII back

    Oh dear. Square Enix said in Japan yesterday that the now-confirmed Dragon Quest IX delay may cause a slip for Final Fantasy XIII. “There is a possibility that Dragon Quest IX delay could effect Final Fantasy XIII,” said president Yoichi Wada. He added: “The next term’s schedule has been fixed yet. “Presently, I cannot say […]

  • Square delays Dragon Quest IX

    Square’s officially delayed Dragon Quest IX. Confirmed by a statement on its site, the slip will see the DS game moved from its March 28 date in Japan to July 11. A major game slip was rumoured when the company delayed the reporting of its financials last week.

  • Dragon Quest X confirmed for Wii (update)

    Update: It’s been announced in a press conference – see on Reuters. According to this Joystiq report and a torrent of others, Square’s just confirmed Dragon Quest X as a Wii game. It’s a little unclear at the moment, but it seems the title will be exclusive to the platform. This will be the first […]

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