Dr Pepper

Buy Dr Pepper, get codes for Battlefield 3 goodies

Those who drink Dr Pepper or would just to earn free stuff, can net themselves some dogtags and a multiplayer skin for Battlefield 3 via a promotion going on at the moment. Right now, specially marked bottles of the soda include a codes for five, themed tags with various themes ranging from Hello Kitty to […]

9 years ago

Dr Pepper headlines

  • Dr Pepper teams up with EA to hand out gaming codes

    EA and Dr Pepper are teaming up to offer people gaming codes for chugging the popular soft drink.

    11 years ago
  • EA and Dr Pepper link for marketing push

    EA and Dr Pepper are to announce a “multi-million dollar” marketing deal, according to IndustryGamers.This isn’t your common or garden stuff, from the look of it. The partnership will see EA integrate original content related to Dr Pepper in its games, starting with The Sims 3 in early 2010.In addition, EA will work with Dr […]

    11 years ago