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  • Report: Online Pass will curb used game sales

    Analyst group Cowen and Company suggests in a new report that “online pass” from EA may be a way for the industry to curtail used game sales.

  • Analyst: Red Dead Redemption will sell 4 million in its first year

    Rockstar’s favourite number is going to be four – with a bunch of zeros at the end –  if analyst Doug Creutz is correct.

  • Pachter: StarCraft II will "quickly" sell 4-5 million

    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has chorused Cowen’s Doug Creutz on predicted StarCraft II sales, saying the imminent PC RTS will move a quick 5 million units and could eventually outsell the original StarCraft.

  • Analyst: StarCraft II to move 5M units its first year

    With the announcement of a date for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, comes a probable analysis from Cowen group’s Doug Creutz.

  • Analyst: Reviews are the "least important factor" to gamers

    A Cowen Group survey has revealed that game reviews are the “least important factor” to consumers when deciding on which title to purchase. Instead, according to analyst Doug Creutz, gamers rely mainly on word of mouth and publishers should stop focusing on scoring a high review. “We believe that while Metacritic scores may be correlated […]

  • Analyst suggests EA has "largely missed this console cycle"

    Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz has stated that “EA has largely missed this console cycle”, while lowering sales estimates for the publisher’s games citing that Dead Space: Extraction and Dragon Age: Origins will under perform at retail. Need for Speed: Shift is not expected to do as well as planned either, according to Creutz, […]

  • Analyst: Console price cuts may not stimulate hardware sales

    Price cuts for consoles may not stimulate hardware or software sales in the US, says Doug Creutz of Cowan and Company. Due to economic pressures, Creutz does not believe that despite historically working in the past, a price cut will not boost the games market this time around. “We are concerned that, given pressures on […]

  • Analyst: Natal is "technological solution in search of a problem"

    Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz isn’t impressed with Natal. In fact, he reckons Sony’s motion-sensing set-up for PS3 is a better propostition for the hardcore gamer. “Natal appeared to me to be a technological solution in search of a problem,” said Creutz, speaking to Gama. “I had a very hard time envisioning playing Modern […]

  • Analyst says Guitar Hero will be the clear winner in its genre

    Cowen Group analyst Doug Creutz has predicted that Guitar Hero will be the sole winner in the music genre category, and beat out all others this year. “We believe music genre sales for the company will be driven by an expansion of the release slate in 2009, which should broaden sales to core consumers,” Creutz […]

  • March NPD: Chinatown Wars likely to be "marginally" profitable

    This has got to go down as one of the biggest “whoopses” in recent memory. Cowan analyst Doug Creutz has predicted GTA: Chinatown Wars will only be “marginally” profitable, after the game – the highest rated in GTA’s history – managed to secure only a woeful 89,000 sales in the US last month. “We believe […]

  • Analyst: PS3 continues to lack a clear 'must-own' title that will drive sales

    Cowen analyst Doug Creutz says he has lowered his expectation to toward PlayStation 3 for the year ahead as he doesn’t believe the console has any bona fide system sellers. “Although there appears to be a reasonably robust slate of games for the PlayStation 3 this year, Sony continues to lack a clear ‘must-own’ title […]

  • THQ unlikely to break even this financial year, says analyst

    Cowen analyst Doug Creutz reckon that Saints Row 2 publisher THQ is “likely miss its guidance” of breaking even for the second half of its March 09 fiscal year. Creutz says the company won’t hit its target “due to the declining performances of key franchises in the December quarter.” He says that recent NPD data […]

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