Trenched-blocking board game to release as video game

The board game designer clinging to the Trench copyright – and thereby preventing Doublefine’s Trenched from releasing in Europe – has plans to turn his creation into a video game,

Doublefine headlines

  • Psychonauts publishing rights back with developer

    Tim Schafer’s Doublefine has reclaimed the publishing rights – and profits – of its classic adventure, Psychonauts.

  • Stacking due early February

    Can’t wait for Tim Schafer’s Stacking? It’s a good thing it’s coming soon, then. THQ have put forward a February release for the quirky downloadable title.

  • Stacking gameplay movies signify flat-faced doll-based win

    Gamespot’s posted up four direct-feed movies of Doublefine’s Stacking, the downloadable, Matryoshka-based adventure which is about as sure to be an instant classic as the sun is to come up tomorrow.

  • EU and US PSN updates, October 20 - Costume Quest is go

    Schafer’s Costume Quest is the biggie for both the US and Europe this week, back up with DLC for both Dead Rising and Split/Second.

  • Win Brutal Legend on 360 and PS3 by commenting!

    Update: We have winners! They are: FadeLive (360) Pysk (PS3) Tobinishi (360) reask (PS3) Congrats to them an’ all that. EA just said we could have four copies of Brutal Legend to give to you, our loyal readers. We’ve got two on 360 and two on PS3. To win, you have to do two things. […]

  • EG gives Brutal Legend 8/10

    After the first IGN-exclusive Brutal Legend reviews yesterday, EG’s gone live with an 8/10. Snip: It’s probably Brutal Legend’s characters that win out. Since the days when he provided dialogue options for Guybrush Threepwood, Schafer’s secret skill has been to people his games with lovable oddballs who quickly start to feel like friends, creating bonds […]

  • Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend launch in the US

    It’s passed the Witching Hour all over America, and both Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Brutal Legend are now on sale Stateside. Naughty Dog boss Evan Wells is pumped enough to be twitpiccing shots of a midnight launch queue in Culver City, while Mr Schafer just dropped word that he’s on his way to his […]

  • Brutal Legend and NfS: Shift demos hit Live

    Both the Brutal Legend and Need for Speed: Shift demos are now up on Live. We’re going to grab the former for you now. Go get! Don’t forget that both are up on PSN today as well. Thanks, Blerk.

  • Brütal Legend demo goes live for all!

    It never ends! Microsoft just confirmed that the Brütal Legend demo’s now been posted on Live, following last week’s release for pre-orderers. Blurb: Brütal Legend is an action game from the mind of Tim Schafer. Eddie Riggs, a roadie chosen by the Rock Gods and played by Jack Black, must battle through a heavy metal […]

  • EA’s GC Press Event: Brutal Legend demo for September 17th [Update]

    Tim Schaffer just announced a Brutal Legend demo for Septmeber 17th on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s straight from the EA conference in Cologne. Update: PR added. It’s below.

  • Brutal Legend figurine will be awesome, will not be easy to come by

    Doublefine and EA are bringing Eddie Riggs into the physical realm with a beautifully sculpted, 17-inch figurine. It features said Brutal Legend star leaping into action, axe raised high. We want it. Sadly, as with precious substances like gold, silver, and Street Fighter Arcade sticks, the figure will be very rare. According to EA, only […]

  • Brutal Legend multiplayer is "four-versus-four skirmish"

    EA’s fleshed out Brutal Legend’s multiplayer a little today, saying the system will provide four-on-four “skirmish” play. From this PR: Four-versus-four “skirmish” multiplayer marries action combat with a strategic unit-control mechanic. As the leader of one of the factions in the game, direct your armies in a Battle of the Bands where the trophy is […]

  • Brutal Legend's opening sequences in video, Schafer included

    We’re actually not that far off playing Tim Schafer’s Brutal Legend, which is probably why we’re seeing a lot more of Brutal Legend. Hit the link to see the game’s opening sequences, as narrated by the developer himself. It’s out for 360 and PS3 in October. Thanks, Joystiq.

  • Schafer - No PC Brutal Legend "right now"

    That’s right, PC people. Cling on to the dream. Tim Schafer refused to rule out a PC version of Brutal Legend in last night’s live Eurogamer interview. “We are really focused on the Xbox 360 and PS3 version right now,” he said. Don’t get too excited, though. It doesn’t exactly sound as though it’s top […]

  • Tim Schafer answering live questions at 4.00pm BST today

    EG’s running its latest live reader interview today, this time with Doublefine boss and Brutal Legend lead, Tim Schafer. It all kicks off at 4.00pm BST, but you can start asking questions half an hour early, apparently. Ask him about DLC. He loves that.

  • Schafer: Lemmy "invited me to his house"

    Lemmy is probably one of the most awesome people to have ever lived. He’s seriously fucking awesome. Having him in Brutal Legend instantly makes the game more awesome to the power of ten. But what, Tim-Schafer-talking-to-VG247-at-E3, was Lemmy like to work with? “Lemmy was a really mellow guy, a really quiet guy,” Schafer told us. […]

  • Schafer: "Humour would get more people into games"

    Brutal Legend boss Tim Schafer reckons funnier games would me a broader general audience. He may have a point. “I think it’s a subject matter barrier,” the developer told GI on reasons people are put off gaming. “Not everybody wants to get into these super violent worlds and yet here I am making a game […]

  • Brutal Legend to "capture the essence" of Ozzy Osbourne

    How do you put Ozzy Osbourne into Brutal Legend? Do you motion capture? No, sir, you do not. “We didn’t mo-cap,” Doublefine boss Tim Schafer told VG247 at E3. “We tried to capture the essence with this really great animation. “[With] motion capture you get literally what people move like but we went for animation […]

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