Limited beta for League of Legends: Dominion has started

Riot has announced that over coming days, testing windows during off-peak hours will be opened to test League of Legends: Dominion. Each time a testing window opens, a forum announcement will be posted to let players know when to participate. If you happen to miss out on one of these windows, Riot said not to […]

9 years ago

Dominion headlines

  • League of Legends Dominion release isn't too far off

    Riot Games has said League of Legends Dominion will be launching very soon, and the developer has posted some information pertaining to the new mode on the game’s official website. It looks as though LoL players can look forward to new craft items from the shop, the ability to participate in shorter matches, items and […]

    9 years ago
  • Capture-and-hold mode coming to League of Legends with Dominion

    Riot Games has announced League of Legends: Dominion, a new capture-and-hold game mode.

    9 years ago
  • Eve Online: Dominion announced, coming this winter

    CCP has announced a new free expansion for Eve Online. Titled “Dominion,” it aims to spruce up the out-of-this-world MMO’s end game. “Dominion is all about ownership-how you conquer and hold space, how you hold sway over fellow capsuleers and how you wage war against any who stand in your way,” said the developer. “How […]

    11 years ago