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The Last of Us movie domain now with Sony

Sony Pictures has registered, which naturally has sparked speculation that a film adaptation of the already strongly cinematic PlayStation 3 exclusive is on the way. Try not to get too excited; it may just be a defensive purchase. There have been no whispers suggesting such a thing is on the way, but these things […]

Domain Registration headlines

  • Trion Worlds registers several domains related to "Trove"

    Trion Worlds, its CEO Scott Hartsman, and regular registrar Mark Monitor have all made a number of domain registrations related to the word “Trove”. Fusible spotted the registrations, which include variants like and All the domains have been transferred to Trion Worlds’ own domain server, too. No word on what this could mean, […]

  • Steam Static domain now in Valve's hands

    Valve has purchased the domain name The domain’s WhoIs records show Valve Corporation as the registrant, having picked up the name earlier this month. Fusible reports Valve transferred the domain to its own name servers this weekend. It doesn’t yet resolve, and there’s no clue as to what it might refer to – could […]

  • Blizzard files Warlords of Draenor trademark, almost certainly Warcraft related

    A new Blizzard trademark looks a heck of a lot like the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion.

  • Drakengard domain name secured by Square Enix

    Now why would Square Enix US be buying up “” just as Drakengard 3 approaches release in Japan, I wonder?

  • Fable Legends domains registered by Microsoft

    Microsoft has registered two new Fable-related domains – and There’s no clue as to what the domains may refer to. The platform holder has promised new reveals at gamescom this week, and we have no idea what Lionhead Studios has been up to since 2012 Kinect title Fable: The Journey besides the Fable […]

  • HungoverX domain snapped up by Take-Two

    2K and Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive has made a rather mysterious domain registration.

  • Persona 5 domain registered by Atlus parent

    Index Corporation has finally registered a domain name for Persona 5, the RPG sequel we’ve been waiting for since 2009.

  • Disney domain registrations point to a racing game in the works

    The ever vigilant Internet sleuth Superannuation has dug up some more domain registrations, and they pertain to a possibly racing game of sorts from Disney. The domains registered vary from having a .net to .com on them, and carry the monikers DisneySpeedster, DisneySpeedsters, DisneyRacers, DisneyRacing, DisneyKart, DisneyKartRacing, and DisneyKarting. Lots of Disney in there. There’s […]

  • LucasFilm domain registrations spark game title speculation

    Disney-owned LucasFilm has suddenly made a pile of new domain registrations which see to have a Star Wars theme. Although it’s quite possible they’re related to upcoming movies, TV shows and other media, the timing – so close on the heels of a deal with EA – is pretty suspicious. File this under “interesting, if […]

  • EA goes Battlefield domain crazy, registers through Battlefield 20

    EA has just gone on a domain-buying spree, picking up the domain names for Battlefield 13 right through to Battlefield 20.

  • Plants vs Zombies Adventure domains registered by EA

    EA has made a number of domain registrations for something called Plants vs Zombies Adventure, as dug up by industry gumshoe Superannuation. The registrations were all made in early March. There’s no indication whatsoever what it might be, but given PopCap’s recent liking for Facebook spin-offs of its properties, like Bejeweled Blitz, I’m putting $5 […]

  • Supreme Heroes domain registrations suggest something new from EA

    EA has been buying up all sorts of domain names related to the phrase “Supreme Heroes”. Regular domain watchdog Fusible turned up 11 different registrations made on March 5, all of which are empty at present. The registrations were made openly under EA’s details rather than masked by a dummy registrant, so we can probably […]

  • Sunset Overdrive trademark and domain registration filed by Insomniac

    Insomniac Games has filed a trademark for a project called Sunset Overdrive. Other than the usual “computer game software” classification lingo, along with a note that it’s an “on-line computer game,” there’s not much else to go on. A NeoGAF user also found a domain registration for the project, which was registered by the firm’s […]

  • "Xbox Gold" domain registrations spark Durango name speculation

    Microsoft has gone a little mad buying out just about every version of it can find, Fusible reports. Naturally this has led to some furious speculation over whether we have a name for the next Xbox console at last, but don’t get too excited; “Xbox Gold” sounds a heck of a lot like “Xbox […]

  • Assassin's Creed: Initiate domain registrations could mean anything

    Fusible has turned up a huge pile of Ubisoft domain registrations for something called Assassin’s Creed: Initiate. The publisher isn’t saying a blessed thing about the registrations, so speculate entirely at will. $5 on a social tie-in with Assassin’s Creed 3, like the awesome one for Brotherhood which let you train your recruits, but don’t […]

  • Sir Painhammer is a thing, and Ubisoft is behind it

    Head on over to this bare-bones website and surprisingly funny Twitter feed to learn all we know so far about Sir Painhammer. This outspoken gentlemen turned up in one of Siliconera‘s regular domain registration trawls as a new effort from Ubisoft; the registration was made alongside that of Might & Magic Raiders, revealed at gamescom. […]

  • EA trademarks JetSet Secrets, JetSet Detectives

    EA has made a mysterious pair of new trademark filings in the usual gaming categories, for something called JetSet Detectives and something else called JetSet Secrets. (The trademarks differ from Sega’s Jet Set radio, which separates the two words with a space, so don’t get any wild ideas.) As spotted by Fusible, the publisher also […]

  • Might and Magic domain registration may relate to gamescom F2P announce

    Fusible has uncovered a couple of Ubisoft domain name registrations for something called Might and Magic Heroes Online. The publisher’s gamescom line-up includes a couple of new free-to-play announces, and as you may recall, the most recent entry in the long running Heroes of Might and Magic series messed with the titling formula to release […]

  • Report - Blizzard registrant secures

    Fusible reports the domain name may finally be the property of Blizzard, 15 years after the first game’s release. The domain recently changed hands and was re-registered to Mark Monitor, which has acquired several domains for Blizzard in the past. There doesn’t seem to have been a legal challenge so whoever the new owner […]

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