Devil May Cry series ships 10 million units

Capcom just announced that the Devil May Cry series has passed the 10 million unit shipped mark.Since the franchise hit the scene in 2001 it’s sold like hotcakes, with the latest iteration, Devil May Cry 4, selling 2.2 million copies, a record for the series.Can’t keep a good demon hunter down it seems.Press release through […]

11 years ago

Dmc4 headlines

  • 2008 split console first, PC later: analyst

    Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian reckons console gaming’s going to be the hot story of the first half of 2008 thanks to GTA IV, MGS 4 and DMC 4, whereas PC titles will be the talk of the back half of the year, with the launch of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King, Spore and […]

    12 years ago