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GTA’s creators discuss first game and how it almost wasn’t made

Grand Theft Auto 5 is about to drop on the games industry like a ton of bricks, and ahead of tomorrow’s launch, the series creators have discussed the concept’s birth while at now-defunct studio DMA Design.

7 years ago

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  • Quick shots: The original GTA design document

    Ex-DMA Design chap Mike Dailly has posted the original GTA design documents up on Flickr. The game, released in 1997, was to be called Race’n’Chase, and was developed back when men were men: there’s 1Mb of space made available for audio. Check out the birth of a giant in the gallery below.

    10 years ago
  • Lemmings celebrates 20th birthday with commemorative plaque

    Grand Theft Auto creator DMA Design celebrated the 20th anniversary of its seminal strategy puzzler Lemmings on Monday, with the installation of a commemorative plaque at the company’s original office in Dundee, Scotland.Let me see, that makes me about a hundred years old.

    10 years ago
  • GTA IV launch covered by BBC News - video

    The BBC ran a sizeable piece on the GTA IV launch in its main bulletin last night. Watch the full thing after the link. It includes archive footage from DMA Design when they were working on the first GTA 12 years ago, a game the presenter described as a “car chase”. It was all fields […]

    13 years ago
  • Grand Theft Auto - the Kate Moss Years

    This is awesome. Mike Dailly, one of the original DMA Design staffers, has shared his photo collection from the early days of the studio, which eventually became Rockstar North and took responsibility for that funny Grand Theft Auto Game.“Mike Dailly, one of the originals from DMA has uploaded several photo sets to Flickr, showing the […]

    13 years ago