Dj Shadow

DJ Shadow working on DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero 2 is in the works and features DJ Shadow, as it was in last year’s debut. At least according to the man himself.

11 years ago

Dj Shadow headlines

  • DJ Shadow talks controls, music for DJ Hero

    Those interested in DJ Hero should head on past the break for a video interview with DJ Shadow.In it, the spinner talks about how the music was chosen for the game and how Activision made sure it was both playable and fun.He also discusses the controls a bit, you know the turntable, crossfader, and other […]

    11 years ago
  • DJ Shadow: DJ Hero mixing options for licensed music "will raise eyebrows"

    DJ Shadow reckons that people will be amazed at the amount you can mess around with licensed music in Activision’s DJ Hero. We’ll be so amazed in fact, we’ll actually raise one of our eyebrows.“I don’t think a lot of the people that made some of the music we’re involved with have ever allowed their […]

    12 years ago
  • DJ Shadow was consultant on DJ Hero, contributed music

    DJ Shadow played a consultant role in Activision’s upcoming DJ Hero, according to an interview with Game Informer. When asked what his responsibilities to the game entailed and how he contributed, DJ Shadow said that it was mostly his musical expertise that was needed.“There’s a number of areas where I’ve been able to contribute my […]

    12 years ago