Divekick: Addition Edition

Divekick: Addition Edition to contain Saints Row alum Johnny Gat

Divekick: Addition Edition will soon have a new character for players to indulge in: Saints Row alum Johnny Gat. See him in action below. He will be made available first on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before releasing later for PC, PS3 and PS Vita. If you can’t wait until then and happen to be […]

7 years ago

Divekick: Addition Edition headlines

  • Divekick: Addition Edition arrives on PC, PS3 tomorrow, Vita version delayed

    Divekick will receive a major upgrade tomorrow via a free patch, which developer Iron Galaxy is calling the Addition Edition. On Twitter, Iron Galaxy said the Vita version has been delayed as it has to be resubmitted, but the PlayStation 3 and and Steam patches are on scheduled for release when April 4 rolls around […]

    7 years ago