Save $10 on Fire Emblem: Three Houses on launch day at Wal-Mart (US Only)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses looks to be one of the biggest releases of the year for the Nintendo Switch. Normally, Nintendo’s flagship games retail for $60, but Wal-Mart is running an in-store deal that’ll save you $10 on launch day.

Discount headlines

  • Grab the whole Witcher series on sale through GOG

    The Witcher 3, both previous RPGs and the board game spin-off are all heavily discounted right now.

  • Pick up some French video games at at a hefty discount this weekend

    Looking for some new games to pick up this weekend? Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? Head on over to for the special “Vive le France” promo, which features 30 different titles up for grabs at prices up to 75% off. They range from the excellent and beautiful Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) […]

  • Wolf Among Us PC/Mac pre-orders include "collector's DVD" once season ends

    You can pre-order Telltale’s newest digital episodic adventure The Wolf Among Us — based on the Fables comic — from the Telltale store now for 10 percent off the regular US$25/£18.99 price, and once it ends you’ll receive the season on disc (you pay shipping), something you’ll need when society collapses and the internet shuts […]

  • Cheap thrills available at Green Man Gaming

    Green Man Gaming is throwing a sale on horror-themed titles. Use voucher code HALFT-ERMHO-RRORS to receive 33% off a range of spooky PC games including Alan Wake and Dead Island.

  • UK: 160 GB PlayStation 3 Slim on sale now for £165

    A couple of voucher codes have resulted in Tesco Direct offering 160GB Slim model PlayStation 3 consoles for just £165, according to HotUKDeals. The retailer’s stocks ran low yesterday, but a new shipment has since brought the deal back into effect. Sony recently dropped the price of new PS3 consoles to £199, resulting in a […]

  • Amazon throws PlayStation 3 sale

    The PlayStation 3 is cheaper than ever, so it’s only right the games follow suit. Amazon’s US portal is offering some hefty discounts on PS3 titles with a sale that could net you an under-appreciated gem like Nier, or fill a hole in your education with the Tomb Raider HD Collection. Discounts range from nine […]

  • OnLive PlayPack subscribers get discount on individual titles

    The daily all-you-eat buffet is great, but sometimes, that parmy on the specials board is tempting. How does a hefty discount sound?

  • Infinity Blade on sale - but for how long?

    Smash iOS hit Infinity Blade is on sale for £1.99 ($2.99 and €2.39), down from its usual £3.99 price point. Pocket Gamer noted the price drop, and Chair told Joystiq the reduction is a “temporary sale” in place for “an undetermined amount of time”. So get in quick! The Unreal Engine-powered action RPG chalked up […]

  • OnLive Independence Day sale

    Today, we mark the anniversary of Will Smith defeating the aliens. Or something. Look, do you come here for a history lesson, or to find out what’s on sale? OnLive games are on sale.

  • PS Plus birthday sale offers free months

    PlayStation Plus is a birthday boy today, and in the best games industry tradition, is giving YOU a present.

  • Ubisoft Steam week fires up with Prince of Persia

    A whole week of Steam discounts on Ubisoft titles? Thank goodness I canceled my credit card.

  • RIFT sale offers cut-price MMORPGing

    MMORPGing’s not cheap, and when you’ve got one subscription on the go, it’s tempting to ignore other options. Happily, a Steam sale gives you the chance to take the plunge and still make your budget this week.

  • Wednesday Shorts, Overnight Edition - Rainbow Six, Zelda themes, Steam sales

    There’s a lot of guff out there today. Steel yourself to swallow it in one bite.

  • Direct2Drive weekend sales slash Two Worlds II, Rift and Acti triad

    Start your time off right by giving less money for games than you would otherwise, thanks to Direct2Drive’s weekend sales.

  • Sega Xbox Live catalogue on sale

    Today’s the day to pick up Sega classics on the cheap, courtesy of a respectable Xbox Live Arcade sale.

  • Square Enix mega digital distribution sale

    Square Enix is holding a mega sale across its whole catalogue on both Steam and Direct2Drive, meaning you can score positive delights like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Deus Ex, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Hitman: Codename 47 and literally dozens more at half price – or better. Astounding.

  • Capcom, Namco and Sega join in App Store sale season

    Not to be outdone by EA, Capcom, Namco and Sega are throwing their own massive iOS sales. Hit up the App Store for stellar savings for your iDevice, including Phoenix Wright, I Love Katamari, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Time Crisis, Dead Rising, Shinobi, Streets of Rage… why are you still here?