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  • DiRT 2 intended to appeal to a wider, US-dominated audience

    DiRT 2 is intended to appeal to a wider, US-dominated audience and today’s “extreme-sports generation,” Codemasters has told RPS “As you might expect, the presentation for all this is much more exciting than it has been in Europe,” said lead designer Matt Horsman. “We’ve traditionally had one guy commentating and a camera on various corners, […]

  • DiRT 2 DLC confirmed

    Codemasters plans to release multiple downloadable content packs for Dirt 2 after the game’s September release. “We have plans to launch a number of small DLC packs soon after launch which players can use to personalize and augment the boxed game,” dev boss Gavin Raeburn told CVG. The game was shown in the US this […]

  • New Colin McRae DiRT 2 screens surface

    Strategy Informer has them, and they show loads of dirt and rally vehicles. The Codemasters racer’s out for all format this September. Also, IGN got is hands on the Xbox 360 version. Impressions here. Hit the links for more.

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