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DIRT Megapack discounted on Steam, three games for just over a tenner

DIRT developer Codemasters has slashed the price of three of its mucky racing games on Steam today. The DIRT Megapack can be yours for just over £10.

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  • Lewie's Weekly Deals - BioShock 2, World of Goo, DiRT 2 for a fiver

    Whilst the Steam Sale is worth your attention, it’s not the only source of discounts right now. I’ve got some excellent discounts on games for all platforms lined up for you, so read on. For always up to date news on any and all cheap games, be sure to head to SavyGamer.co.uk. This week’s deals […]

  • DiRT 2 PC demo released

    The PC DiRT 2 demo is out now. Yours for 1.31Gb. Get a full list of mirrors, plus gameplay and tech videos, on the game’s official site. It features two full events. DirectX 11 boffins take note: the game supports it. Get to it. PR after the break. It released on December 3 in Europe, […]

  • DiRT2 PC system specs bring DirectX11 to the party

    Codemasters has put out system specs for the PC version of DiRT2. And here they are: Recommended Specifications: Enhanced for DirectX 11 OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD Phenom II Memory: 3GB HD Space: 10GB Video Card: ATi Radeon HD 5700 Series Minimum Specifications: OS:Microsoft Windows XP, […]

  • DiRT 2 PC to be released on December 4

    Codemasters’ announced that DiRT 2 for the PC will release on December 4 in the UK, with a release on December 1 in the US and December 2 in mainland EU. The game will support DirectX 11. To celebrate the announcement, CM’s sent out brand new screenshots. Find them after the jump, as well as […]

  • Codemasters now 70 QA staff lighter [Update]

    Update: We’ve just had Codemasters on the phone to reiterate that no permanent staff have been affected by this in any way, and the 70 QA positions were held by temps reaching the end of contracts. Original story: Codemasters has confirmed to VG247 that it’s just dropped “around” 70 QA staff, temps designed to push […]

  • UK charts: GH5 beats Beatles: Rock Band in Battle of the Bands

    Guitar Hero 5 has beaten The Beatles: Rock Band to No. 1 in the latest UK charts. Harmonix’s effort didnt even land in the top three, only getting to four in the charts. DiRT 2 and Batman: Arkham Asylum round off the top three. Top ten is below. You can find last weeks data here.

  • DiRT 2 looking safe for Friday release with big MC averages

    Codemasters done good, say the reviewers of the internet. Releasing this Friday, DiRT 2’s managed an 89 percent MC average on 360 and 88 percent on PS3, and all anecdotal indications are accompanied by large thumbs pointing up. Round-up below. Do yourself a favour. Gamepro – 5/5 SI – 9.3/10 Team Xbox – 9.2/10 IGN […]

  • Codemasters uses breasts, tattoos to promote DiRT 2

    Nothing says DiRT 2 like tattoos, breasts, and guitar riffs, apparently. That is what Codemasters is using to promote the racer, at any rate, via a Flash game called Dirty Tats where you draw tattoos on a lady’s cleavage. Durty taht more like, or at least that is what we came up with after about […]

  • Official Playstation Magazine reviews in, gives FIFA 10 a solid 9

    Official PlayStation Magazine UK has released its monthly scores on some new titles hitting or to have hit the market, and those interested in FIFA 10 should be pleased to know that the sports title got a solid 9/10 from the mag. Other highly reviewed titles include DiRT 2, IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey, Madden […]

  • Euro PSN update, August 20 - WET and DiRT 2 demos

    The Euro PSN update today has some nice demos for you. WET, DiRT 2, Mini Ninjas, and IL2 Sturmovik: Birds Of Prey. Add-ons consist of Andy Dick for the game Pain, a Street Fighter II themed table for Zen Pinball and the usual Rock Band and Guitar Hero stuff. PSP users can get Wild Arms […]

  • DiRT 2 soundtrack revealed: Queens of the Stone Age, more

    Codemasters has announced the soundtrack for Colin McRae: DiRT 2. It will include songs from White Lies, Queens of the Stone Age, Ladyhawke, Friendly Fires, You Me at Six, The Qemists, and loads more which we have posted after the break. Games out September 8 and 11 in the US and Uk respectively.

  • Natal won't replace wheels for driving games, says Codies

    DiRT 2’s Ralph Fulton’s told VG that Natal, as lovely as it is, will never be a standard controller for racing games. “I certainly don’t ever see it replacing the wheel or the controller as the principle controller method,” he said. Don’t panic, though, Natal-based racing fans. The motion-sensing system and traditional control aspects could […]

  • DiRT 2 game designer talks events, multiplayer in new video

    Codemasters’ chief game designer, Matthew Horsman, is seen in the video after the break talking about how DiRT 2 has benefited from work the team did with GRID. Horsman also chats a bit about the one hundred events jammed into the game, and explains how multiplayer allows you to  mix up car and track types. […]

  • DiRT 2 asset overload: Four videos and loads of screens

    Codemasters has gone all out of late promoting DiRT 2 with assets. Today, CVG has posted no less than four, and just in case you have not seen any of these, go have a look. Gamespot has posted six screens today, showing off the X Games. Rally overload for the win.

  • DiRT 2 to include ESPN X Games

    Codmasters has announced that Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will include three new ESPN X Games stages along with official branding. X Games America, X Games Asia, X Games Europe will “infuse added realism by bringing the series’ unique action sports atmosphere to the game” and be headlined by Ken Block, Dave Mirra, Tanner Faust and […]

  • DiRT 2 on Wii gets video

    Want to know what the Wii version of DiRT2 looks like? Hit the link. The racer looks to be doing a nice job on the machine, all told. It’s out in September.

  • DiRT 2 features a Colin McRae Memorial Cup race

    Codemasters has included a Colin McRae Memorial Cup rally race in DiRT 2. In the game, players will work towards qualifying for the race, and his name will pop up in other places as well. “You’ll hear other drivers talking about him,” Codemasters’ Mark Turosz told MTV. “He’s the central figure in the narrative.” According […]

  • DiRT 2 gameplay trailer from E3 shows loads of racing

    Of course the DiRT 2 gameplay trailer shows loads of racing. What else would it show? Has stunts, cheering fans, roll-overs, you name it. It’s posted after the break courtesy of GameTrailers. Expect it to drift into stores in September.

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