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MMOs dominate D2D charts for week of September 12

You’ve already seen Steam’s chart for last week, now it’s Direct2Drive’s turn.Looks like MMOs are tops on it too, though, what with the genre taking the top five spots.Without further ado, here’s the list, courtesy of Shack.Direct2Drive’s Top Ten (9/6 – 9/12) Champions Online Aion Collector’s Edition (pre-order) Fallen Earth (pre-order) Star Wars: Knights of […]

11 years ago

Direct2Drive Charts headlines

  • Steam and Direct2Drive PC charts, WE August 22

    Steam and Direct2Drive released the PC charts for week ending August 22.Looks like preorders for the Collector’s Edition for Aion are still selling well.Steam Left 4 Dead Aion Collector’s Edition (pre-order) Counter-Strike: Source Killing Floor Team Fortress 2 Fallout Collection (F1, F2, Fallout Tactics) The Orange Box Hearts Of Iron III Valve Complete Pack Osmos […]

    11 years ago
  • ArmA II tops weekly Direct2Drive charts

    The top ten titles from Direct2Drive for the week ending July 4 has Bohemia Interactive’s ArmA II topping the list, with with pre-orders for Aion: Tower of Eternity coming in second.Here’s the full thing thanks to BigDownload. ArmA II – Bohemia Interactive Aion: Tower of Eternity – NCsoft The Sims 3 – Electronic Arts The […]

    11 years ago